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HR Tech World takeaways: employer branding tools and international hiring tips

Did you miss Day One of #HRTechWorld? We’ve got you covered. From Day Two, we’ve sharing employer branding tools that won’t bust your budget, GoodGame Studio’s process for hiring their international team, and what HR can learn from a Digital Prophet.

Employer branding that won’t break the bank

Deep budget cuts forced Kathryn Callow and her team to look for new ways to make compelling in-house content on the cheap. They used tools like 1 Second Everyday and Hyperlapse — there’s a full list in the tweets above — to cut through the social noise and capture a hyperconnected audience. And guess what? It worked. Their data shows that their DIY content performed much better than their glossy, agency-produced content.

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Global hiring at Goodgame Studios

Germany’s Goodgame Studios are pros at international hiring. They recruit from 67 nations around the world and frequently hire recruiters who can pitch candidates in their own language. In addition, their hiring team gets certified sourcing training. Finally, thorough onboarding helps new team members hit the ground running. Onboarding starts from the very first interview and goes on for at least three months. There’s even an item on the list for “special task force,” which those of you who actually do onboarding may find especially relatable.

We got Shingy’ed

Shingy once billed himself as a “Digital Prophet” (how’s that for a job title?) but for all his eccentricity it’s true that HR could take a page from modern-day advertising and marketing. The lesson is that today’s consumers need to be wooed. They’re brand-agnostic, hate advertising, but can be swayed by a good story. Geico gets it. Did you watch their “Unskippable” commercial? Many consumers are also content-creators themselves. To get their attention (and as Shingy says, “attention is currency”), the content you create for your brand should be easy to find, share, or remix as they see fit.

And that’s a wrap for #HRTechWorld. How did you find the conference? Any comments, questions, corrections? Raves? Talk to us at @workable.

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