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HRTech conference: innovative hiring with social recruiting and video

At the HR Technology Conference (#HRTechConf) in Las Vegas, we’re keeping a finger on the pulse of  the most innovative hiring practices from the world’s top companies.

Could these strategies work for you? Match.com’s social recruiting helps them hire great talent from anywhere in the world. Delta’s use of video throughout their hiring process supports high volume recruiting and gets high praise from job candidates. And, UnitedHealth Group shares an employee advocacy model that really works.

Why social recruiting works for Match.com

Social recruiting isn’t new, but the “global mobility” scenario is and we’re likely to see more of it in the future. Hiring and relocating technologists is how Match.com keeps their pipeline full of great tech talent. To entice technologists from Dallas to work in Brazil, Match.com uses social media to paint a picture of what it is like to work in Brazil. They also use social media to communicate core values and share stories about how they’re solving exciting technical problems.

How video improves Delta’s candidate experience

Let tech do the heavy lifting with high volume recruiting.  Delta has 800K applicants a year and they use Hirevue to make intro videos, video scenario questions, and closing videos for their candidates. They also make job preview videos (like the one above) to give candidates a better idea of what the job entails. The outcome? An improved bottom line, a shorter time to hire, and high praise from candidates.

The impact of employee advocacy at UnitedHealth Group

At UnitedHealth Group, each employee advocate gets training on content creation and content training.  Employees who opt-in enjoy being consulted about the company, and UnitedHealthcare has a more authentic way of communicating with job candidates. It’s a win-win for everyone with impressive results.

For more #HRTechConf coverage, follow us at @Workable. And, check back tomorrow for our three takeaways from day two.

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