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Marketing Consultant job description

Marketing Consultants are professionals who help companies understand their customers. They identify effective marketing campaigns that will reach targeted audiences effectively and efficiently. In addition, they offer guidance on how best to communicate with these potential clients, which can be both online and offline.

Marketing Consultant responsibilities include:

  • Studying company profile and operations to understand its marketing needs
  • Conducting marketing research to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities
  • Developing and implementing a marketing strategy according to objectives and budget

marketing consultant job description

Job brief

We are looking for a passionate Marketing Consultant who’ll provide strategic and practical advice to boost our company’s marketing efforts. You’ll organize our activities and marketing strategy.

The ideal candidate will be a strategic thinker and knowledgeable in everyday marketing activities. We want to see excellent communicators, with lots of enthusiasm, who’re ready to make a difference. Knowledge of our industry matters too.

The goal is to ensure that our marketing operations will engage our customers and outperform our competition.


  • Study company profile and operations to understand its marketing needs
  • Conduct marketing research to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy according to objectives and budget
  • Prepare detailed proposals and marketing plans
  • Advise on branding, positioning, communications and other marketing issues
  • Give direction to marketing efforts with the most effective methods and tools
  • Liaise with marketing department and external vendors
  • Monitor marketing projects and analyze results
  • Write reports with suggestions for improvements and new ideas

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as marketing consultant or similar role
  • Knowledge of data analysis and market research
  • In-depth knowledge of marketing principles and best practices
  • Proficient in MS Office/Working knowledge of IT and marketing software (e.g. CRM)
  • Ability to think strategically and analytically
  • Apt in writing proposals and reports
  • Communication (oral and written) and presentation skills
  • Outstanding organizational abilities
  • Aptitude in problem-solving
  • BSc/BA in marketing, communications, business or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus

Frequently asked questions

What does a Marketing Consultant do?

A Marketing Consultant assists companies in creating and implementing the best possible strategies to reach their target audience. These experts can advise on everything from communicating with your customers to articulating what message they should hear based on their needs or wants. They can even help to figure out when and where these messages need distribution through advertising channels like TV commercials.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant?

A Marketing Consultant studies company profiles and operations to understand their market needs. They also research industry trends and commercial opportunities. They use this information with other data points to determine what people want or what makes them gravitate toward a product.

What makes a Good Marketing Consultant?

The ideal Marketing Consultant would be someone who possesses strong writing skills and good communication abilities. These qualities are essential because they must clearly explain complex topics so that clients can make informed decisions about their business goals.

Who does a Marketing Consultant work with?

Marketing Consultants work with Marketing Strategists. These professionals assist each other in identifying trends and potential opportunities in a company’s marketing campaigns. They each work to plan proper methods of advertisement. Their joint efforts benefit the company and help them gain new customers.

Hiring Marketing Consultant job description

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