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Leasing Consultant job description

Leasing Consultants are professionals who help landlords and property managers find qualified tenants to lease their properties to. They also assist those looking with viewing tours, lease terms, and prices negotiations. All of their efforts ensure smooth management of various contracts.

Leasing Consultant responsibilities include:

  • Presenting apartments, houses or other properties to prospective clients in a persuasive manner
  • Assisting residential landlords in discovering suitable tenants
  • Promoting unoccupied properties through various media and advertising techniques

leasing consultant job description

Job brief

We are looking for a competent Leasing Consultant to undertake the leasing activities on behalf of property owners. The successful candidate will effectively explore the market to identify opportunities and secure tenants.


  • Present apartments, houses or other properties to prospective clients in a persuasive manner
  • Assist residential landlords in discovering suitable tenants
  • Promote unoccupied properties through various media and advertising techniques
  • Evaluate clients’ requirements and financial prosperity to make personalized presentations
  • Provide accurate information on the different features of properties
  • Validate application information and references
  • Negotiate leasing terms and complete agreements
  • Keep abreast of the property market status
  • Ensure proper maintenance and inspect properties periodically

Requirements and skills

  • Proven working experience as a Leasing Consultant
  • Good knowledge of leasing rules and regulations
  • Proven track record of successful sales
  • Basic understanding of MS Office
  • Exquisite presentation and negotiation skills
  • Well-versed in marketing and sales techniques
  • Customer-focused approach
  • BSc degree in property management or similar

Frequently asked questions

What does a Leasing Consultant do?

Leasing Consultants interact with potential and existing tenants on behalf of landlords or property management companies. Through their efforts, they work to assist them in viewing properties and negotiating lease terms like prices and renewals.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Leasing Consultant?

Leasing Consultants use their expertise to present apartments, houses, and other properties to potential renters and tenants. They work closely with residential landlords and property managers by finding these suitable tenants, assisting both parties in finding good sales, and making the sale.

What makes a Good Leasing Consultant?

Successful Leasing Consultants should be personable individuals with knowledge of the commercial, industrial or residential industries. Essential skills include understanding real estate terminology and practices in their field. These skills can help them deal more efficiently with clients of all kinds.

Who does a Leasing Consultant work with?

Leasing Consultants work closely with Property Managers, assisting them in finding worthy potential tenants who are looking to rent properties that these managers own. Consultants also help these managers negotiate proper contracts, which fairly benefit both the renter and the owner.

Hiring Leasing Consultant job description

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