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Dishwasher job description

A Dishwasher is a professional who is responsible for cleaning dishes in a foodservice environment to ensure that there is always plenty of clean tableware at hand. When washing, they prioritize different types and sizes of crockery and kitchen utensils. They are in charge of loading the dishwasher and placing dishes on drying racks to be put away properly when done using.


This Dishwasher job description template is easy to customize for your restaurant’s hiring needs.

Dishwasher responsibilities include:

  • Collecting used kitchenware from dining and kitchen areas
  • Loading and unloading washing machines
  • Washing specific items by hand (e.g. wooden cutting boards, large pots and delicate china)

Dishwasher job description

Job brief

We are looking for a Dishwasher to join our kitchen staff and maintain cleanliness around our restaurant.

Dishwasher responsibilities include collecting used dishes, plates and utensils, loading washing machines and stacking washed items appropriately. If you want to kickstart your career in the restaurant industry and be part of the behind-the-scenes operations, we’d like to meet you. Note that this role requires working in shifts and, occasionally, during evenings or weekends.

Ultimately, you’ll help provide an unforgettable dining experience for our customers.


  • Collect used kitchenware from dining and kitchen areas
  • Load and unload dishwashing machines
  • Wash specific items by hand (e.g. wooden cutting boards, large pots and delicate china)
  • Store clean dishes, glasses and equipment appropriately
  • Set up workstations before meal prep begins
  • Ensure there are always enough clean dishes, glasses and utensils, especially during peak hours
  • Maintain cleaning supplies stock (e.g. detergents) and place orders when necessary
  • Check washing machines’ operation and promptly report any technical/performance issues
  • Remove garbage regularly
  • Sanitize the kitchen area, including the floor

Requirements and skills

  • Work experience as a Dishwasher or on Wait Staff
  • Hands-on experience with industrial washing machines
  • Ability to follow instructions and help with various tasks, as needed
  • Time management skills
  • Attention to detail and sanitation rules
  • Availability to work in shifts, during weekends and evenings
  • High school diploma is a plus

Frequently asked questions

What does a Dishwasher do?

The Dishwasher ensures that the kitchen stays clean and organized. They set up dish stations and turn on dish cleaning machines. They spend their time loading and unloading dishes from dish machines, washing all pans or utensils that come into contact with food, and scraping identifiers off everything. Once dishes are cleaned, Dishwashers will put them on the drying rack and put away dry dishes into cabinets and on shelves.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Dishwasher?

Dishwasher workers are responsible for removing used kitchenware from dining and cooking areas and unloading the dishwashing machine. They wash specific items by hand or put them in a clean area that is ready to use again, such as with delicate china dishes; they also make sure there are always enough utensils around during peak hours.

What makes a good Dishwasher?

A Dishwasher employee is a great addition to the kitchen staff. A good Dishwasher should have a good attitude and work quickly. They ensure that tasks get completed with excellence by paying attention to detail and pace of execution.

Who does a Dishwasher work with?

A Dishwasher plays a significant role among other kitchen staff. They work closely with the janitorial and supportive kitchen task crews. Among those, the Busser will work to clear tables and bring dishes back to the dishwasher to take care of.

Hiring Dishwasher job description

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