Getting from 5 to 50

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We talk to Kirsti Grant from Vend about hiring for fast-growth startups.

Following on from our hugely popular HR Twitterati top 50 we’re going to be holding regular Twitter chats with the thought leaders on the list.

First up on 20:30 BST (PDT 12:30 / EDT 15:30) on Wednesday, June 18th, is Kirsti Grant, Head of Talent at Vend, the New Zealand startup that bills itself as the “destroyer of cash registers”.

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We’ll be talking to Kirsti about hiring for fast-growth startups and the thrills and spills of “Getting from 5 to 50”. We would love you to join in the 140-character conversation.

It’s your chance to chat directly to Kirsti and the team here at Workable about one of the most exciting challenges in business: growing and scaling a successful startup.

Just follow #WorkableChat on Wednesday to get involved.

UPDATE: The first #WorkableChat was a blast. From company culture to the 4-second rule of boring resumes, here is the full conversation.

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