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Introducing the dynamic user dashboard: Your new Workable homepage

A new dynamic homepage for Workable users, showing all important info at a glance

Workable helps recruiters, hiring managers, HR teams, employees, and more. It was time for a customized experience for each user – both for individual efficiency and to propel your company’s hiring and HR processes forward.

What’s new?

  • Dynamic widgets: Tailored by role, widgets like Today, To-dos, Jobs, Onboarding (if using), and Time off (if using), keep the most important tasks and info just a glance away.
  • Quick access: Just clicking the “W” logo in Workable will bring up the personalized dashboard.
  • Enhanced navigation: We’ve updated Workable’s main navigation bar to make the most common items easier to find, moving People Search to the “Candidates” page.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Tailored experience: This dashboard now reflects the tools and tasks most relevant to you – and for every other user of your account.
  • Everything in one place: From your interviews, to-dos & jobs to time off, it’s all centrally located.
  • Efficiency boost: Spend less time searching and more time doing.

This update will make the Workable experience even better, helping hiring and HR teams work more efficiently and effectively.

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