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Introducing the dynamic user dashboard: Your new Workable homepage

A new dynamic homepage for Workable users, showing all important info at a glance

Ryan Varney
Ryan Varney

Ryan is the Head of Product Marketing at Workable. He manages product launches,and creates sales and marketing materials.

Workable helps recruiters, hiring managers, HR teams, employees, and more. It was time for a customized experience for each user – both for individual efficiency and to propel your company’s hiring and HR processes forward.

What’s new?

  • Dynamic widgets: Tailored by role, widgets like Today, To-dos, Jobs, Onboarding (if using), and Time off (if using), keep the most important tasks and info just a glance away.
  • Quick access: Just clicking the “W” logo in Workable will bring up the personalized dashboard.
  • Enhanced navigation: We’ve updated Workable’s main navigation bar to make the most common items easier to find, moving People Search to the “Candidates” page.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Tailored experience: This dashboard now reflects the tools and tasks most relevant to you – and for every other user of your account.
  • Everything in one place: From your interviews, to-dos & jobs to time off, it’s all centrally located.
  • Efficiency boost: Spend less time searching and more time doing.

This update will make the Workable experience even better, helping hiring and HR teams work more efficiently and effectively.

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