ATS integration with hiring tools: what you need to know

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We consider an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to be the centrepiece of any effective hiring toolkit. This is why we built one from scratch and obviously consider it to be the best of its kind. When adopting an ATS ask yourself how well it integrates with other HR tools that you’ll need. A good ATS will have integration options, or at least play nicely with most of the software we recommend below.

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Sourcing And Referral Platforms

TalentBin,, 3Sourcing and Gild are people aggregators with searchable, often pre-evaluated or classified profiles of people.

Professional networks or communities like LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble, AngelList are good places to do manual sourcing.

Combine a manual search with a Chrome extension like People Search, to discover everything you need to know about a prospect. Highlight a name online, or enter a name directly into People Search to search all the social and professional networks at once. You’ll get a complete profile, including candidate’s email addresses, resume and links to every social network on which they’re active. People Search integrates fully with Workable, enabling you to push prospects straight to your hiring pipeline. If you’re not a Workable user, download the profile as a PDF and upload it directly into your own system.

Zao is one of the best referral platforms we came across. It’s made based on best practices, optimises matches across all companies’ open jobs, has a gamification layer making it fun to participate and allows extended referrals. Another one to consider is RolePoint.

Online Interview Systems

Kira for us is the clear leader. Interviewing has gone video and this lets you record video questions, invite candidates to submit their responses so you can review them. Set time limits for responses, pause to take notes, tick the ones that are a perfect match, share if you’re not sure to take a second opinion.

Taketheinterview is a one of a kind real-time or on-demand interviewing platform. “Meet eye-to-eye before meeting face-to-face” as they put it. Features include calendar, mobility, recording, feedback and assessment module and reporting.

Assessment Tools

Codility is a niche, engineers-only, database. These guys are loaded with millions of engineers — active and passive. Considering the gap between demand and supply then this app is a trove of prospects and a pretty straightforward tool to use if tech job boards aren’t cutting it. You can browse and filter data, collaborate with your team and do social recruiting too.

Smarterer have revolutionised skills assessment. Just give them 10 questions, 2 minutes and voila! you get a quantified skill. It’s basically a skills testing app but different. All of its test content is crowdsourced from the individuals who take the tests.

SHL has ability and personality tests if you need to test for critical qualities. They only offer science-based assessments and bench- mark data.

Weirdly has your cultural fit riddle all figured out. It’s a 4-step culture assessing recruitment tool. Define your desired cultural profile, publish vacancy, watch candidates complete the quiz and select the right kind of weird.

Your ATS should integrate with all of your HR tools. Learn how Workable’s ATS integrations compare to Lever and Greenhouse.

Onboarding & Talent Management

KinHR is probably the best when it comes to onboarding new hires in a comprehensive and thoughtful way. The new employee signs in and reads about the company and the team they’re going to work with and what tasks they should start working on.

Zenefits is good for payroll and benefits management.
PRO TIP: You can always use Google Hangouts for video interviewing and Bitly for referral tracking.
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