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New release: Workable for Android

It’s a busy time for the mobile team. The last time I wrote it was to announce updates to Workable on any mobile device – whether you’re on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. I said there was more news coming soon, and this is the first stage: we’ve released a native Android app for Workable!

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Content team

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We’ve worked hard to ensure that your needs are met, so I’ll get straight to the point. Here’s why you should use the Workable Android app:

Get the right work done, faster


As soon as you open the app, you’ll see a smarter way to sift through your candidates. See which candidates you need to evaluate, which candidates you have yet to review and the ones you’ve viewed most recently (so you can access them faster).

You’ll also see the candidates who are waiting for your response to their email.

In addition, monitor your Workable account activity with categories like New candidates, Unscheduled candidates and candidates who are Slipping Away. We’ve also added a ‘Popular’ segment, with the focus on qualified candidates that have a ‘yes’ or a ‘definitely yes’ evaluation, to help you make sure the process keeps moving in the right direction.

Keep an eye on the Pending category too – these are the candidates who have yet to accept any formal offers that have been made.

Easier candidate communication


From the Agenda, see all your meetings that have been scheduled via Workable, and the tools you need to act on them. Access the meeting details and contact the candidate directly through SMS, phone, email or Skype.

Before an interview, jump straight to the candidate’s profile for reference and head back there to complete the interview scorecard when you’re done.

Find the right information, fast

Use the app’s Global Search to access Candidates or Jobs using any relevant keywords. Search by name, job location, keywords in cover letters or CVs.

What’s coming next?

Our goal was to save you time, and help you focus on the more important aspects of your job. I hope we’ve succeeded, but as always we’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks so much to our excellent team of beta testers who have helped out so far.

If you’d like to get started now, download the app from the Google Play Store.


If you’re an iOS user, please hold on just a little longer. The Workable iOS app is on the way! If you’d like to be a beta tester and get a sneak peek of what’s to come, please get in touch.


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