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Tackle more with our smarter mobile recruiting app

You know the drill. You start work and five minutes later a co-worker interrupts with a ‘quick question’ or you hear a little *ping!*. Your phone starts vibrating in your pocket and before you know it you’ve lost the flow of what you’re doing and somehow managed to acquire another 10 tasks, all of which are urgent.

Content team
Content team

Content manager Keith MacKenzie and content specialist Alex Pantelakis bring their HR & employment expertise to Resources.

Tackle more with our smarter mobile recruiting app

So you write a list. To really focus, you need a second list, the first item of which is ‘complete everything on previous list’.

The smart people know that it’s easier to be productive with the right kind of help: productivity is a team sport.

Our aim at Workable is to make sure that your recruiting process runs as smoothly as possible, so we go the extra mile to provide the help you actually need.

Workable for mobile recruiting

As the Product Manager for Workable mobile, ‘going the extra mile’ is more than a figure of speech. We now offer a complete mobile experience in all major platforms (iOS, Android, Web). If you’re using Workable on mobile, you’ll get a smarter approach to recruiting tasks. The chances are you’re travelling, out of the office or between meetings. Time is precious, the screen is small, and real productivity requires the right kind of focus.

We’ve spent a lot of time defining and segmenting tasks to complement your mobile recruiting strategy and workflow. Yes – we’ve started with lists, but they’re automated in order of importance to save you time. If you only have three minutes between meetings, we’ve made it easier to make those minutes count.

Your Workable account to-do list

Workable has a full suite of recruiting reports, which is great when you’re at your desk with time to review them. But if you’re on the move you still need a fast way to check that everything is running smoothly.

The account overview for mobile helps you spot possible problems with your hiring process and catch problems before they arise.

Are you getting enough candidates for the job?

New candidates lists every candidate that has been sourced or applied over the last seven days. If you’re an account admin or a hiring manager, keep an eye on this list. If the number is below your target it could be time to improve your job ad, or advertise on a niche or specialist job board.

Are your team progressing candidates fast enough?

Unscheduled lists candidates that are waiting at the Phone screen, Assessment or Interview stages who are yet to have an event scheduled. Candidates stay on this list for 30 days, so it’s an easy way to spot candidates that you need to act on. Remember, the two day rule of recruiting – if you don’t snap up the talent, someone else will.

Are you about to lose a great candidate for the job?

Slipping away is a list that includes candidates that your team hasn’t discussed or contacted for more than a week. Great candidates can get lost because different members of the hiring team think someone else is taking action. Double check your best candidates don’t end up on this list – and if they do, use the Workable mobile app to take action fast. Taking too long to respond to a candidate can be the beginning of a poor candidate experience.

Are you engaged in the right conversations?

Popular covers the candidates that you and your team are talking about. The candidates with an evaluation of ‘Yes’ or ‘Definitely Yes’ and the top number of comments in the past seven days are included on this list. Catch up with the comments from the team and make sure the right conversations are happening.

Is it time to send a personal follow-up email?

Pending gives a fast view of candidates who have not yet accepted your offer of employment. This is important to track to make sure that your recruiting efforts don’t go to waste. See if it’s time to send a follow up email, or schedule a call to allay any fears.

And finally…
All candidates is, of course a list of every candidate that has been sourced or applied. Just because you’re out of the office doesn’t mean you’re out of touch.

Your personal to-do list

A macro view of everything is great, but of course you’ll also need to get into the details. Workable helps get the jobs done faster with personal to-do lists, segmented by type:

Unread candidates: a list of new candidates that have either applied or been sourced and are waiting your review. They’ll stay here until you’ve had time to read them.

Unrated candidates: these candidates have all had an event scheduled via Workable. Whether it’s a phone screening or an interview, as soon as the event has happened and requires your feedback, you’ll find the candidate in the ‘unrated’ list – no need to track them down in your candidate database. Leave a quick evaluation, complete an interview scorecard or disqualify the candidate. If your team is waiting for your feedback so they can move forward with a candidate, this is your first port of call.

Recently viewed: a list of up to 60 candidates you’ve personally viewed in the last seven days. This is a fast way to find that one person you’re looking for without having to remember their name, or every detail of their resume.

Waiting response: a list of candidates that have contacted you by email and have been waiting for your response over the past 7 days. Sorry to nag, but these things need to get done…

So there it is.

We’ve tried to make sure that we have everything covered to help you get things done at your ideal pace, and in a way that suits the way you like to work. But this is a team effort! If you have any thoughts or feedback to share on your own mobile workflow, please do get in touch.

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