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Use Workable’s integration with co-hire for sourcing tech talent

Finding great candidates for hard-to-fill tech roles is a challenge many start-ups and fast-growth companies face. co-hire, the latest addition to our Marketplace of integrated partners, tackles this challenge. A powerful technical sourcing tool, co-hire connects companies (particularly tech start-ups) with highly skilled, specialized talent to make quality hires, faster.

Rob Long
Rob Long

Rob Long is CRO at Workable. He's a former recruiter who writes mostly about hiring best practices.

Sourcing tech talent with workable and co-hire

Start meaningful conversations and secure more interviews

Demand for developers, designers and data scientists often outstrips supply in competitive talent markets like London. It’s why we’ve developed built-in sourcing tools like People Search and Auto-Suggest. We wanted to give our customers a head start sourcing software engineers and other hard-to-fill roles.

Working alongside our own built-in sourcing tools, our integration with co-hire enriches your talent search engine. It offers a simple way for start-ups and technology companies to initiate meaningful conversations with people they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. On average, 30% of messages sent to candidates on co-hire result in an interview; a powerful return which puts you one step closer to your perfect hire.

From profile to pipeline

“co-hire is the best platform we’ve come across for finding high-quality candidates for tech roles. The filtering ability is powerful and enables us to quickly target suitable candidates and filter out inactive ones too. We received a strong response from candidates actively looking for their next role.”
co-hire customer, Sam Hyams (co-founder at Springpod)

So, how does co-hire’s technical sourcing tool work? There are three simple steps:

  1. Post a company profile
    This empowers you to share your story, mission, vision and values with prospective candidates. Include photos of your team to further promote your brand and add details of all relevant team members so job seekers know who they’re talking to.
  2. Fill your pipeline
    co-hire uses a combination of community data and human intelligence to instantly suggest prospects who match your requirements and are most likely to respond to your interest. Use advanced filters to find and speak to the most relevant people for your company.
  3. Reach out with meaningful comms
    Personalize each message and make more meaningful connections using tools provided through co-hire.

All your recruiting in one place

co-hire’s integration with Workable can be set up in minutes. Once in place, details of candidates you’ve sourced on co-hire feed straight into Workable, so all your recruiting is in one place. All you need to do is click the Workable icon next to a candidate’s name in co-hire. A list of Published or Internal jobs in Workable will appear. Select the relevant job and the candidate’s details will be exported to the Sourced stage in Workable along with their experience, education, skills, email address and resume.

More integrations coming soon

Yes! We’ve got even more integrations coming soon. Watch this space as we launch a series of new partnerships. If you’re a Workable user and have a tool you’d love to see integrated with Workable, let us know! If you’re a software provider, why not find out more about our Developer Partner Program and get involved?

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