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digital payroll trends

10 digital payroll trends to improve employee retention

If you were asked to name one area of work that’s undergoing a revolution right now, payroll trends probably wouldn’t be the fir...


What is human capital efficiency and why is it so important?

Human capital efficiency: what does this crucial workforce metric mean to you? If you’re an SMB employer or HR professional, und...

Can PTO be denied after approval

Can PTO be denied after approval?

PTO is pretty straightforward – in your contract with your employee, you offer a fixed number of days that they can take for vac...


Retroactive pay: what it is and what you need to know

Picture this: it’s another bustling day at the office, and an employee approaches you, clutching their paycheck with a con...


What is absence management?

Absence management is the strategic approach taken by employers to control and reduce unplanned employee absenteeism, ensuring m...

lazy girls

The ‘lazy girl’: unpacking apathy in modern workplaces

In today’s workplaces, a ‘lazy girl’ may start her week with a “bare minimum Monday” while she “quiet quits’. It seems eve...

Workable using Workable

Workable using Workable webinar: features and takeaways

Whether you’re a current Workable user or exploring new tools to enhance your hiring process, this webinar offered valuabl...


What is employee engagement?

As an HR professional, the definition of employee engagement is connected with your job. You may have already had to come up wit...

AI recruitment software

How to choose the right AI recruiting software

Artificial intelligence seems to be optimizing everything lately, and the recruitment process is no exception. Finding, screenin...


What is work ethic and why is it important for success?

As HR professionals and SMB employers, you are often faced with the challenge of fostering a culture that values and promotes st...

AI applicant tracking

The benefits of using AI applicant tracking systems

Although it may seem like technology is taking over the world, hiring top talent still requires a human touch. As anyone who’s e...

candidate experience memes

10 funny candidate experience memes – and what they mean

In today’s digitized world, memes are the currency of online social commentary and their influence has undeniably seeped i...

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