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Employee recognition programs policy template

The Employee Recognition Programs Policy is a formal framework established by an organization to acknowledge, appreciate, and re...

sales team structure

8 sales team structure models – plus scenarios to build them out

Strategically construct your sales team for maximum impact and adaptability using these sales team structure models and real-wor...

X hiring

Elon Musk’s X enters the hiring arena: what you should know

He started with fintech, then moved on to electric cars and rocket technology. Now he’s moving into the hiring industry with a n...

ChatGPT for executive onboarding

ChatGPT for executive onboarding: hiring the big shots

Learn how ChatGPT can streamline your executive onboarding – elevating efficiency, personalization, and scalability in your lead...


Temporary disability policy template

A temporary disability policy outlines the provisions and guidelines for employees seeking temporary disability benefits due to ...

The importance of ‘paid time out’: why it matters so much

Are your employees navigating the stress and guilt of taking Paid Time Off (PTO)? First step is to think of it as Paid Time Out....


What is the performance management cycle? Stages and examples

The performance management cycle is a systematic approach to improving employee performance and organizational outcomes. It cons...

digital payroll trends

10 digital payroll trends to improve employee retention

This post explores how digital payroll systems are transforming HR operations, from personalized compensation to integrated anal...


What is human capital efficiency and why is it so important?

Discover how measuring human capital efficiency can propel your business forward. Learn actionable insights that directly relate...

Can PTO be denied after approval

Can PTO be denied after approval?

Delving into the challenging domain of retracting previously approved PTO, this article explores both the legal and moral implic...


Retroactive pay: what it is and what you need to know

Discover the intricacies of retroactive pay and why it's pivotal for HR and SMB employers. Grasp the practical applications, ben...


What is absence management?

Absence management focuses on reducing unplanned employee absenteeism, a concern growing post-COVID with significant financial i...

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