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WeyMedia: insights on mitigating recruitment headaches

Nikita Garner, Administrative Manager at WeyMedia, offers insights about their hiring process and how it involves not only the decision of one person but a collective choice among several team members about the person who will work with them.

Nikita Garner

Nikita Garner

Nikita Garner is the Administrative Manager at WeyMedia with a remote team spanning across Canada.


WeyMedia is an East Coast fintech startup that operates a pair of personal finance-focused websites, moneyGenius and creditcardGenius

Our fully remote team, scattered across Canada, provides Canadians with accurate, honest, and helpful information about credit cards, spending money, and saving money.

As an organization that’s seen significant growth over the past few years, WeyMedia has experienced its fair share of recruitment headaches. We finally turned to Workable in August of 2021 as a solution to the hiring challenges we’ve faced and we’ve never looked back. 

Our hiring efforts have increased considerably over the past six months, and this wouldn’t be possible without the cohesion and simplicity that Workable provides.

Collaboration is key

Our company is organized into five teams—content, growth, development, marketing, and administration—that work very closely together. Each has a narrow focus but requires regular input from one or more of the other teams, creating a well-oiled, cohesive team out of the smaller groups. 

This kind of seamless integration of people means that members of various teams communicate regularly and form both professional and personal relationships as a result. 

Because of these interdepartmental working relationships, a new employee may be hired to work on a specific team but will still work closely with members of other teams. 

Hiring is a collective effort

Therefore, it’s important to consider the needs of related teams during the hiring process avoiding recruitment headaches.

To help with this, WeyMedia involves multiple team members in the interview process. It’s not just the hiring manager—other team members also participate in the interview panel.  

Things can get confusing when ambitious growth goals combine with a large hiring committee. 

WeyMedia has a fairly complex hiring process that involves multiple interviews, personality assessments, skills tests, reference checks, and more. 

WeyMedia’s HR toolkit

Workable has made it exponentially easier for every person on the hiring project to check who the candidates are, where they are in the process, what the results of their assessments were, and more. 

We’ve integrated our Gmail account with Workable, too, which creates a seamless line of communications. We can reply from within the Workable platform or directly from our shared inbox, and all correspondence is recorded.

The current WeyMedia team has reached 22 employees, but we intend to fill at least 10 more positions within the next 6 months. 

This an ambitious goal but we have full confidence that it will be reached, thanks in large part to the efficiency of Workable. 

Hiring challenges

Initially, application links could be found on the WeyMedia website and resumes were sent directly to the admin’s email account. 

This caused significant backlogs and made it tricky to find and sift through the applications. 

There was often confusion among staff members as to which stage a candidate was in and who still required a reply. Now that we use Workable, we receive applications directly in the platform and can easily move candidates from one stage to the next.

As our small but mighty recruitment team manages multiple roles at once, having everything in one place within Workable’s organized platform makes juggling these roles and candidates much easier. 

In fact, the numerous stages in Workable have been customized to our unique vetting process. 

Considering our bold goals for growth over the next few months, this kind of convenience and simplicity is necessary characteristics for a hiring platform.

Our hiring process is perhaps lengthier than some candidates are used to, but our thoroughness ensures that we hire the best possible candidate for the position avoiding recruitment headaches. 

Workable helps ensure that we choose someone with the skills we need, who can quickly make a notable impact, and who will enhance our workplace culture.

Nikita Garner
Nikita Garner is the Administrative Manager at WeyMedia, a fintech startup headquartered in the Maritimes, with a remote team spanning across Canada. Over the last two years, she’s played a pivotal role in recruiting ten new team members to fuel the company’s rapid growth. Nikita’s enthusiasm for organization and knack for efficiency drives her to streamline processes and offer support, embodying the spirit of collaboration and productivity within the team.

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