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LYTT: A sevenfold increase in LinkedIn followers over 3 years

Explore LYTT's strategic journey to a 685% increase in LinkedIn followers, emphasizing personal updates, showcasing company culture, and using Workable's automation. Learn practical approaches to brand personalization, creating engaging content, and effectively employing automation for a robust LinkedIn presence.

Sam Merron

Sam Merron

Talent Acquisition Manager at LYTT

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing and talent acquisition, leveraging social media platforms is crucial for brand visibility and audience engagement. One platform that stands out for professional networking and business growth is LinkedIn.

In this blog post, I’ll share the journey of how I spearheaded a remarkable 685% growth in LYTT’s LinkedIn followers over the course of three years.

The secret? A strategic combination of personal updates, curated company content, and the powerful automation tools provided by Workable.

Building a foundation: personal updates

The journey began by recognizing the power of personal connection on LinkedIn. Instead of solely relying on corporate updates, I decided to infuse a personal touch into the content strategy.

Regular personal updates allowed me to humanize LYTT’s brand, making it relatable and approachable. By sharing my professional insights, industry experiences, and even behind-the-scenes glimpses of the LYTT team, I established a genuine connection with the audience.

Showcasing company culture: LYTT’s content

Consistent and relevant content is the backbone of any successful social media strategy. At LYTT, we recognized the importance of showcasing our company culture and values. Regularly posting content that highlighted our team’s achievements, workplace events, and industry expertise not only kept our current followers engaged but also attracted new ones.

This approach positioned LYTT as an industry thought leader and a desirable workplace, enticing professionals to become a part of our growing LinkedIn community.

Harnessing Workable’s automated emails

Workable’s suite of automated email tools became a game-changer in our pursuit of LinkedIn growth. After successfully attracting potential candidates through our job listings on Workable, we implemented automated email campaigns encouraging them to connect with LYTT on LinkedIn.

These personalized emails not only facilitated easy navigation to our LinkedIn page but also conveyed the value of staying updated on industry trends and career opportunities.

The seamless integration between Workable and LinkedIn streamlined our outreach efforts and maximized the chances of converting potential hires into engaged followers.

The results: A 685% growth in 3 years

The combined impact of personal updates, curated content, and Workable’s automated email campaigns resulted in an astounding 685% growth in LYTT’s LinkedIn followers over a span of three years.

Beyond the numerical success, this growth translated into tangible benefits for LYTT, including an expanded talent pool, increased brand awareness, and enhanced credibility in the industry.

Key takeaways

1. Personalization pays off

Humanizing your brand through personal updates fosters a deeper connection with your audience.

2. Content is king

Consistent and relevant content showcases your company culture, positioning your brand as a leader in the industry.

3. Automation amplifies results

Leveraging tools like Workable’s automated emails can significantly enhance your outreach efforts, turning potential hires into active followers.

Strategy leads to prominence

In conclusion, the journey of growing LYTT’s LinkedIn followers by 685% was a testament to the power of a well-rounded social media strategy.

By combining personalization, compelling content, and the efficiency of automation tools, we not only increased our follower count but also solidified LYTT’s position as a prominent player in the talent acquisition landscape.

Sam Merron is LYTT’s Talent Acquisition Manager. He has a proven track record of success managing end-to-end talent acquisition processes, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and executing impactful HR projects, with 15 years experience in international hiring, project management, and building strong employer brands.

LYTT is a technology company transforming customer decision making by providing software to turn contextual sensing data into real-time insights, driving increased asset performance. LYTT’s new Industrial AI Platform is designed to help businesses in the energy and utilities sectors generate smarter insights, accelerate operational value, and monetize sensor data.

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