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Why 15 of OneinaMil’s clients moved their hiring over to Workable

Powered by a culture-driven approach to hiring, OneinaMil provides a bespoke, talent-matching service to a growing base of clients. It uses Workable to manage its hiring. And, in under 2 years, 15 of its clients switched their hiring over to Workable too.


The challenge

The solution

  • A fast-growing, geographically-dispersed client base using spreadsheets, emails or sluggish legacy systems to recruit
  • No centralized record of communication
  • 100% remote hiring team
  • Small “army” of recruiters with a big remit
  • Refer clients to Workable to speed-up and streamline hiring
  • Support a bespoke, culture-driven strategy using customizable job descriptions and interview templates
  • Create a human touch with every candidate
  • Actively engage candidates and clients using a mobile app
  • Nurture hard-to-find talent using candidate sourcing tech
  • Use outward-facing tech to boost brand and hire the best
  • Integrate with G-Suite to facilitate 100% remote working

The challenge: A dispersed client-base with a disorganized, broken approach to hiring

OneinaMil provides a bespoke talent-matching service to its growing base of clients. Fueled by a culture-driven approach to hiring, sourced candidates are all strongly aligned to each company’s individual philosophy and focus.

But its input and influence doesn’t end there. It also improves how its clients hire.

“With my clients, the recruiting process is either disorganized, broken or needs to be built from the ground up,” says OneinaMil’s Founder and CEO, Lee-Anne Edwards. “Most don’t have an automated system in place and are using spreadsheets and emails. A few do have a system, but it’s the wrong one.”

To help its clients find the right talent, the right hiring software needs to be in place.

“I’ve trained people on different applicant tracking systems, “ says Lee-Anne. “Most platforms require hands-on training. This didn’t work for us and it wasn’t going to work for our clients.”

The solution: Use intuitive software to unite hiring across agency and clients

OneinaMil had been using Workable for years to manage its own hiring process and knew it was also the right platform for its customers.

“Workable reads my mind a lot of the time. It’s so intuitive and easy to use, I don’t have to train anyone. I can just say: ‘Hey, you’re signed up. Off you go!’”

And, with Workable’s industry-leading customer support, OneinaMil knew that any potential concerns about data migration were in the best hands.

“Workable’s customer experience is personalized, fast and efficient,” says Lee-Anne. “The migration of our data was smooth and problem-free. I wasn’t just another number. They took time to reassure me and enrich my experience. I knew it would be the same for our clients.”

And, to-date, 15 of its clients (and counting) have moved their hiring over to Workable.

“Recruiting has to be taken seriously,” says Lee-Anne. “If you don’t have good people, you have no product. I know Workable is the best, so it’s always the first thing I recommend.

I love doing a demo of Workable, because as soon as clients see it in action it’s almost like they have this ‘Aha!’, eye-opening moment. They get it immediately.”

The outcome: A bespoke, streamlined culture-driven service delivered at speed

Boosted by Workable, culture-driven hiring is thriving for OneinaMil and its clients. Having recently expanded overseas, it’s also helping them collaborate with recruiters and candidates globally. Process across the agency’s dispersed network is now streamlined, faster and more efficient.

“We have at least 60 interview templates based on culture-driven questions for each client’s candidates,” says Lee-Anne. “This saves a ton of time. And it means that, if we have a new recruiter, they know the exact questions to ask. It’s super simple, efficient and easy.”

Customizable job descriptions are also making a big difference.

“I tailor job descriptions based on the culture each client wants to promote,” says Lee-Anne. “So I put hints in each one that say: ‘This is the type of environment you’re going to have.’”

Using Workable’s built-in candidate sourcing technology and the integration of social profiles, OneinaMil now has access to a richer pool of talent. Perfect for finding best-fit candidates for its clients, fast.

People Search is one of my favorite Workable features,” says Lee-Anne. “It saves me so much time and, 9 times out of 10, it’s totally on point. It hooks you up with the right person, not just a similar match. This is really fantastic, because it’s a such a hard thing to do.”

And communication tools support a nurturing approach, the key to culture-driven recruiting.

“I’ve hired the same people three or four times over the last decade,” says Lee-Anne. “What I love about Workable is that it empowers me to maintain those relationships over time.”

With so many candidate relationships to manage, Workable holds the team accountable.

“Everything goes through Workable,” says Lee-Anne. “We all work remotely, but I can see at a glance where we are, who we need to touch base with and what to do next. The Gmail integration’s really helped with this.”

The collective outcome is that brand recognition is rising for both OneinaMil and its clients.

Using Workable helps your employer brand because people can see that you’re organized, that you know what you’re doing and that you care about candidates and their experience,” says Lee-Anne. “I just need to look at our Google reviews to remind myself that it’s working.”

The future: Use new features to continue to scale

Supported by Workable’s growing portfolio of integrations and products enhancements, OneinaMil continues to grow its own recruiting team and its clientbase.

“The features Workable continually adds are amazing,” says Lee-Anne. “I’m excited to see what’s going to come out next and where that will take us.”

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