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Frosch Travel hires 25% of employees through Workable Referrals

A global travel consultancy company, Frosch Travel has 1,800 employees spread across 40 offices. Hiring over 200 people per year, they needed to move from manual job posting and paper applications. With Workable, job posts syndicate to a large job board network and automatically trigger their internal talent to reach into their network for referrals.



The challenge

The solution

  • Manual job postings and paper applications
  • Struggle to find and evaluate candidates
  • Difficult to train hiring team on hiring practices
  • Inefficient candidate scheduling process
  • Need to be compliant with GDPR in Europe
  • Limited reporting on historical trends and hiring budgets, making it hard to plan future
  • Streamline hiring process for job board syndication, referrals, assessments and offers
  • Engage hiring managers to collaborate on mobile
  • Eliminate scheduling fatigue with self-scheduling, improving candidate and hiring team experience
  • Be fully GDPR compliant without worry
  • Develop Hiring Plan based on historical data

Frosch Travel focuses on the corporate travel industry and customer service is key for their business success. In order to have the level of customer service their clients expect, they must have a company full of quality talent to support clients’ needs. As the company grew, the need for a robust hiring pipeline grew alongside, but they still had a manual job posting process and unstructured recruitment process. Tracking was in various different places including collecting some paper applications. They needed to make a change.

Instead of posting manually to job boards they wanted to post in one place and for that post to go to a large job board network, with Workable they achieved that, and as Kristi Stevens, Frosch’s Head of Talent says, they also got to tap into their internal network for referrals. They hired 25% of employees through Workable Referrals in a year or approximately 50 people.

“I was really able to justify the purchase of the Referrals feature to our CFO for cost savings. It paid for itself within its first three hires. It should be every company’s number one recruitment tool. Good people know good people.”

They moved to a structured recruitment process where everything is kept in one place. Co-headquartered in Houston and New York City, they’re a global company with 40 offices. With constant hiring and often working with first time hiring managers, they needed to get people trained quickly and collaborating right away. Candidate and hiring manager experience went hand-in-hand, and Workable helped them do that effectively with the mobile app and candidate self-scheduling feature.

“The self-scheduling feature is by far one of my favorites because the back and forth between myself, candidates and managers was one of my biggest stressors before Workable. It probably took up more time than anything, so when the self-scheduler came along I was so happy. It made my life 10X easier.”

As a global company there are many factors for them to think about, including the different compliance rules that they’re subject to by country. Operating in Europe, GDPR had been a major stressor. With Workable, Frosch found a partner that they could trust.

“We were all scared to death about how we were going to manage it on a candidate level. Workable packaged that all nice and neat, and was working on it years before GDPR came into effect. I was able to activate with a nice little button. Workable made me look good for GDPR.”

Hiring 200+ people a year and with 100 open positions at any given time, Frosch maintains a hiring plan that requires review by global management. With so many moving parts across the world, without reliable reporting, it was difficult to do that.

Says Jesus Loera, International Accounting Manager: “Just by looking at past trends of how long it takes for us to really hire people in those countries, it’s able to give us a future plan for how long it’s going to take to bring someone in and that translates over to cost reduction and the bottom line. And so having that historical data within Workable, helps us plan for the future.”

With Workable, Frosch Travel scales their international business based on real time metrics. The data is all tied to each other and they’re able to look into the past and see how to effectively move forward in the future.

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