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ei³ migrates seamlessly from Google Hire to Workable with plans for 67% growth this year

ei³ is an IoT company with offices in the NYC tri-state area, Zurich and Montreal. They had an ambitious growth target for the following year and knew they needed a system that would get them up and running fast so they could achieve their hiring goals. ei³ was happy with Google Hire, but when the product was scheduled for shutdown, they needed to quickly find a new solution without compromising their plans for growth. They found that solution in Workable, enabling them to seamlessly transition its process without compromising its recruitment process in any way.

The challenge

The solution

  • Ambitious growth target for upcoming year
  • Recently moved from agencies to Hire
  • Fast time to hire; hire good people as needed
  • Executive recruitment committee focused on diversity targets and necessary skills
  • Global company with no dedicated HR department
  • System migration without breakdown in hiring
  • Liked Workable’s proactive Sales approach
  • Migrated data with Workable’s Technical Team
  • Maintained top-quality service with immediate support and dedicated account management
  • Boosted brand recognition initiative with Workable’s collaborative hiring platform

Founded in 1999, ei³ is a pioneer IoT company with more than two decades of expertise and reputation. Growing steadily from the start, there’s been an increase in market demand over the past few years to build out their product – which in turn required growing the team to meet that increased demand. In Google Hire, they found an easy-to-use platform – but found themselves in the lurch when Google announced its shutdown. 

This meant that finding another easy-to-use system was ei³’s No. 1 priority – and it had to be a quick and seamless move to minimize any potential impact on business operations. 

Gokhan Kucukgirgin, ei³’s General Manager, found their transition to Workable to be exactly what the team needed, setting ei³ up to meet their strategic hiring goals without any breakdown in processes.

“Google Hire was a very easy platform to use. I was wondering if Workable would give me the same. I can say yes, it is easy to use, very user friendly. Good features. I’m happy with it.”

Without a dedicated HR team, ei³’s recruitment planning is handled by the executive team and relevant stakeholders, which includes evaluating applicant tracking systems and developing the hiring process from start to finish. Before using Google Hire, ei³ solely relied on agencies – and wanted to reduce that reliance on external services and take charge of the process internally. 

They were able to do that with Google Hire – and now, in Workable, they’ve found a partner that continued to put them in charge of their hiring without upending their recently created processes. This included a gap-free integration with Gmail, where Workable’s two-way sync means ei³’s communication never gets lost regardless of whether they’re communicating within Workable’s ATS or in Gmail itself. 

ei³ also found Workable’s Sales Team to be incredibly proactive in meeting their needs and unraveling any pain points or worries,  finding real, tangible solutions for each. This included free migration of data from Google Hire, a relatively quick transition, and no learning curve that could slow down adoption of Workable. 

Now, whenever ei³ needs hands-on guidance or direction, they have a dedicated account manager to discuss their strategic hiring plan, and if any urgent question or issue should pop up and they need an immediate answer, Workable’s Support Team averages a 25-second response time. 

Gokhan adds “It’s very good. They are supportive. Whenever we have a problem, we can immediately get in touch with them and we get a response on time.”

Meet hiring targets with Workable

With Workable, ei³ continues to meet hiring targets, and is on track for a 67% expected growth target this year. Moreover, they found a hiring platform focused on hiring team collaboration that encourages working together to boost their brand recognition and find great talent. 

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