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Applying through Workable inspires CAO to transform hiring at FP1 Strategies

FP1 Strategies has been influencing Washington D.C.’s political campaigning scene since 2011. But, with no HR department or recruiting system, hiring took valuable time away from campaign delivery. Using Workable it's automated processes to hire top talent at speed.


The challenge

The solution

  • No HR department or recruiting system in place to source specialist talent at speed
  • Ad-hoc approach to hiring
  • Generic ‘careers@’ mailbox used to manage applications
  • Manually posting to job boards, sifting duplicates and tracking communication drains time and resources
  • Replace clunky manual processes with an automated system
  • Post to multiple job boards with a single submission
  • Maximize exposure on niche job boards using Workable’s job shortlink
  • Pre-screen and target the best candidates fast, using customizable application forms
  • Easily browse rich candidate profiles, including resumes, team feedback and interview scorecards
  • Build effective hiring teams through automated notifications
  • Use mobile app to keep on top of admin and make the most of potentially ‘dead time’

The challenge: No HR department and an overstretched admin team

Focused on delivering for a fast-growing client-base meant that hiring at marketing agency FP1 Strategies took a hit. Joining as CAO in 2015, Caroline Knox was faced with no HR department and an overstretched admin team.

“When I started here, FP1 wasn’t using an applicant tracking system,” says Caroline. “Applications were emailed to a generic ‘careers@’ mailbox. Logging it all and sifting duplications was time consuming. There was little clarity on who’d been contacted or when.”

Advertising jobs was also clunky. Manually inputting the details on one job board and then entering them again for another took up valuable time. And tracking candidates arriving from multiple job boards was also hard to navigate.

“With our growing client roster, I knew we had to hire people and we had to hire people fast,” says Caroline. “But the current systems wouldn’t get us there.”

The solution: Candidate experience informs hiring shift

Keen to automate and streamline the process, Caroline drew on an experience she’d had applying for jobs.

“During my own job search I came across Workable,” says Caroline. “I applied for a job and the website said “powered by Workable”. I remember thinking how seamless it felt.”

Curious about what Workable could offer hiring teams as well as candidates, Caroline signed-up for a free trial.

“My first interaction with Workable was from the other side, as a candidate,” says Caroline. “It was such a positive introduction that I was excited to see how it could empower me as a recruiter. By the end of the free trial, we were all hooked. We’ve been using it ever since.”

The outcome: Maximum job board exposure, faster processes

Hiring for multiple positions at speed means getting maximum exposure on the right job boards. Sourcing the majority of its talent from local, specialized sites across Washington DC, FP1 uses Workable to connect with all of these external boards.

“It’s easy to post across loads of free and premium job boards using Workable,” says Caroline. “But most of our prospects look outside this network, on niche sites. So we use Workable’s job shortlink. Posting it on any board we want, everything’s managed and processed through Workable’s ATS.”

To source the best candidates they needed fast, effective pre-screening. This meant designing an application form that would gather the right kind of detail to make screening quick and easy.

“Workable provides everything you need, with flexibility to customize the application process,” says Caroline. “Import pre-prepared job descriptions or application forms, then add extra detail to target your candidates.”

Concentrating on campaign delivery leaves little time for colleagues to focus on hiring. Workable’s ATS notifications engage them with minimal disruption.

“Using ATS notifications, I ensure people know what they need to do and when,” says Caroline. “I can build an effective hiring team with little effort and manage everything centrally.”

Centralized candidate profiles also save time and support transparency.

“Workable keeps everything in one place on the candidate’s profile: their resume, application form, and all the communication that’s taken place with them and across our hiring team.”

Workable’s mobile app is another way for Caroline to engage with her team and keep on top of her hiring pipeline.

“I use potentially dead time to complete quick, admin tasks, focusing on complex issues when I’m back in the office.”

The future: Advocating change to transform hiring

Knowing how powerful Workable has been in transforming her own recruitment process, Caroline’s keen for other businesses to benefit.

“Workable is perfect for fast-growing teams. There are some great packages, which suit different types and sizes of businesses, and it’s really easy to use. Companies relying on an email account to manage recruitment are really missing out!”

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