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Workable integrates with predictive assessment tool, MindX

We know that Workable sits at the centre of a bigger talent acquisition tech stack for our customers. It’s one of the reasons we integrate with 150+ job boards and over 30 tools (from video interviewing to onboarding).

Rob Long
Rob Long

Rob Long is CRO at Workable. He's a former recruiter who writes mostly about hiring best practices.

predictive assessment tool

Assessment integrations are some of the most popular in our Marketplace. And, today, we’re excited to add game-based, predictive assessment tool MindX to the list.

Identify high performers and make better hires

Recruiting software’s about more than managing workflows and process. It’s about building a pipeline full of quality candidates. And then using the right assessments to hire the best. With MindX you can identify candidates likely to be high performers at your organization. So, how does it work?

MindX joins gamification with data science and organizational psychology. The end result is a scientific assessment of work-relevant, cognitive traits, presented as a single score.

Using this score, you can determine at a glance (and with reduced unconscious bias) if a candidate is a good fit for your company.

Automate candidate workflow

MindX’s integration with Workable automates the entire candidate workflow; from sending tests to providing easy-to-interpret assessment outputs. Attach assessments to specific stages in the recruiting pipeline and review results directly from each candidate’s Timeline.

Evaluate candidates quickly and fairly

Workable’s new pre-employment tests are backed by science and delivered directly through our platform. Hire the best candidates without ever leaving your ATS!

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More integrations coming soon

Yes! We’ve got even more integrations coming soon. Watch this space through to the end of the year, as we launch a series of new partnerships. If you’re a Workable user and have a tool you’d love to see integrated with Workable, let us know! If you’re a software provider, why not find out more about our Developer Partner Program and get involved?

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