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Check out Workable’s 31 new integrations for 2019

In 2018, we hit a record by adding 24 new partners. We knew we could do even better, setting a lofty goal for 2019, to top that by setting a new record with partnerships that further expand our tech toolkit for customers, streamlining your process so that you find and hire better candidates, faster.

Rob Long
Rob Long

Rob Long is CRO at Workable. He's a former recruiter who writes mostly about hiring best practices.

2019 Partnerships Workable

And we crushed that goal, adding 31 new partners in 2019, including HackerRank (assessment provider that’s evaluated over 20% of developers), InfoMart (Workable’s first global background check provider), and CV-Library and Reed (top UK job boards). It’s been a busy year for the Partnership Team! Without further ado, here are our new partnerships for 2019: 



Adaface saves engineering time by screening candidates with custom assessments for technical skills. Integrate with Adaface.
Aspiring Minds’ assessments are used by 3,000+ corporations and 150+ Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Assess candidates using Aspiring Minds.
An assessment tool, matches applicants to their ideal roles based on behavioral science. Assess with
Bryq offers assessments that help companies analyze candidates’ cognitive skills and personality traits against job and company requirements. Connect to Bryq.   
CodeScreen (by Autocruit) provides companies with automated real-world take-home coding tests for screening developers. Assess developers using CodeScreen.
Devskiller is a developer screening and online interview platform for finding developers with the right skill set. Try Devskiller for free
HackerEarth provides thousands of questions across 35+ programming languages to evaluate developers’ code. Assess with HackerEarth.
HackerRank makes evaluating developers easier, faster and fairer. And on a global scale—they’ve assessed over 20% of the developer population. Evaluate with HackerRank
Hundred5 is a skills-based hiring tool that replaces the resume with a short assessment. Candidates apply by taking the test. Integrate with Hundred5
McQuaig’s pre-hire assessments analyze a candidate’s personality, cognitive and behavioral traits. They also help predict culture fit. Use McQuaig’s pre-hire assessments.
An assessment service, The English Quiz offers a selection of ready-made or fully customizable English language assessments. Assess with The English Quiz


Background checks

We’re happy to announce that Certn, the fastest-growing background screening provider in North America, now offers record checks right in Workable in as little as 15 minutes. Connect to Certn.
InfoMart is Workable’s first global background check provider and an industry leader in identity screening. Conduct a background check with InfoMart.
Verified First conducts background screens with ease, helps make effective hiring decisions and simplifies your hiring process. Integrate with Verified First.



CezanneHR is a comprehensive HRIS designed to help organizations engage their people better. Streamline HR management with CezanneHR.
Factorial is the HR platform for everyone. Easily manage time off, time tracking, payroll, documents, reports and analytics. Manage HR processes with Factorial.


Job boards & candidate sourcing

CV-Library’s multi-award winning platform holds the UK’s largest independent CV database, with more than 14 million CVs. Post jobs to CV-Library.
eMedCareers offers great visibility of specialist medical roles to candidates in the UK. Post your job on eMedCareers
hackajob is a sourcing tool to get top developers, fast. Publish tech jobs and attract candidates with the specified skill set. Source with hackajob
Interseller allows companies reach out to candidates with automated and personalized email sequences. Begin a campaign with Interseller
Joonko is a U.S. sourcing platform that helps talent leaders promote their U.S. jobs to an ever-growing pool of diverse candidates. Source with Joonko.
Moberries connects actively looking candidates to companies via AI-based matching so you can reach more, better candidates, faster. Try sourcing with MoBerries.
Reed is the UK’s #1 job site, helping more than 7 million job seekers with their search for work every month. Connect to Reed.
Search millions of active U.S. candidates and post your jobs across our huge partner network of 100+ job sites with Resume-Library. Post a job on Resume-Library.
Sompani helps VC funds and their portfolio companies exchange and hire top talent via an exclusive, automated talent pool. Hire talent with Sompani.
The Hub is a community platform tailored to the needs of growth startups in the Nordics and Northern Ireland. Publish your startup job on The Hub.
Zmash is a recruitment and employer branding company that places an AI-driven chatbot on your career site. Convert candidates with Zmash.


Video interviews

Astronaut’s mobile-first video interview platform puts the power in the hands of the hiring manager. It’s also loved by candidates. Bag a video interview free trial with Astronaut
Hireflix is an easy-to-use video interview platform that enables companies to screen more candidates faster. Connect to Hireflix.
Video interviews are a great way to connect with talent on their own time, wherever they’re located. Our newest video interview provider, VidCruiter, delivers you the highest-quality employees in a cost- and time-effective way. Integrate with VidCruiter
Videoscreening by Seeknspeak is an easy to use video interview tool to help you spot the talented applicants in your pipeline. Check out Videoscreening.


More integrations coming soon

Workable automatically integrates with 70 HR providers, keeping all of your recruitment information in one place. From sourcing to converting candidates to successful hires, collaborate with your hiring team while candidate information stays secure. The Partnership Team is looking forward to what’s yet to come in 2020. 

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