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Workable Partner Profile: removing barriers with Checkr

Learn how Checkr ensures a fair background check process using technology and features to remove barriers for talent in the recruitment process.

Keith MacKenzie
Keith MacKenzie

Passionate about human resources, employment, and business management, and an expert at sharing that expertise.

1. Welcome to this edition of Workable’s Partner Profile. Could you introduce yourself with a brief bio?

Hey! I’m Brian Parsons and I’m part of the Partnerships Team here at Checkr. Having both a product and biz dev background, I’ve been fortunate to be able to combine those experiences at Checkr to be a part of expanding our partner ecosystem.

At Checkr we’re privileged to work with the leading HR businesses across the globe, spanning ATS, onboarding, payroll, and industry-specific platforms. Today those partnerships power more than 100 integrations, allowing our shared customers to further optimize their hiring flows by plugging Checkr into the tools they use everyday.

2. As an integrated partner of Workable, Checkr helps to provide quick and efficient background screening, as well as reduce bias in the hiring process. Could you elaborate on how Checkr specifically does so?

We believe that someone’s past doesn’t tell the full story of their potential and that all candidates should have a fair chance to work.

That’s why we’re committed to our mission of building a fairer future by designing technology to create opportunities for all, to offer products that can be assessed by how well they reduce bias, increase fairness, and offer employers the broadest pool of motivated talent. Our aim isn’t for organizations to lower the bar, but rather for them to be a part of removing the barrier.

We provide several tools that serve to assist in how businesses approach Fair Chance as part of their hiring practices.

Our Candidate Stories feature provides a way for candidates to share meaningful context about their records, while also helping businesses comply with fair chance laws

Our Assess products allow employers to set adjudication guidelines, helping reduce risk and bias in their decision making

The Fair Chance Dashboard combines resources, social proof, and analytics to help employers understand, implement, and advance fair chance hiring practices at their own organizations

3. What are some general trends you all are noticing in the background check world?

Attracting talent: For many industries, it’s a tight labor market, despite the economic downturn. By the way, if you want to expand your talent pool, consider fair chance talent.

Operating efficiently: It’s cool to be profitable again. Businesses expect the majority of the tools they use to contribute to their bottom line.

Retaining talent: Employees and workers stay with the most frictionless organizations. The background check can be a moment of friction or the first step in an employee’s positive onboarding experience.

4. Now is your chance to brag about what’s on the horizon for Checkr. Any exciting product developments our readers should be aware of?

Many of our small business customers appreciate the fact that they can order US, international and even drug test screenings all from one provider. Checkr also provides built-in pre-adverse action at no additional cost. By not charging ongoing fees or minimums, we’re equipped to support SMBs from the first hire to the 100th.

Our candidate portal makes the process as transparent as possible, and we aim to continue to improve upon the candidate experience to further reduce the friction that is often introduced during this part of the hiring or screening process. But you asked about what’s on the horizon…

We know that small businesses are run by teams that often wear many hats, so in the coming months you can expect an improved adjudication experience.

We’re focusing on improving filters, rules and workflows to save your adjudicators even more time to do the work they love.

We’ve spent measurable resources researching our small business customers and have learned from our power users that there are shortcuts and hacks that we are now building into our product to improve usability. Usability is a huge priority!

We will continue to evolve the most modern background check experience for your organization, large or small, and provide a fast, smooth and safe experience for your employees and potential candidates, workers and volunteers.

5. Any closing thoughts you’d like to share?

Over 92% of employers run background checks so we know this is a critical part of both hiring and ongoing employment. Businesses exploring background check solutions for their hiring needs can get started with Checkr directly through Workable – Signing up is fast, easy, and free.

If you’re ready to get started today, feel free to sign into your Workable account and integrate it with Checkr using our Workable + Checkr User guide.

Don’t forget you get $50 off your first invoice with the promo code GOFAIRCHANCE. And if you’re looking for a place to start to learn more about fair chance hiring and what that might mean for your business, check out Checkr’s Fair Assessment Course!

If you need help running a background check, watch our OnDemand demo of the Checkr + Workable integration.

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