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Methods: gravitating to success in diverse recruitment

Join Jordan Adams and Karen Nell as they unveil GRAVITATE, Methods' innovative recruitment initiative. Learn how this comprehensive approach is transforming the talent acquisition landscape, promoting diversity, and fostering an inclusive company culture.

Jordan Adams

Jordan Adams

My name is Jordan Adams, and I am the Talent Acquisition Manager at Methods. I have experience spanning over 10 years managing recruitment functions within a mix of both public and private sectors.

My collaborator, Karen Nell, has been in the Learning and Development industry for over 25 years and is the Learning and Development Manager at Methods. Karen oversees the GRAVITATE program and works with myself, and HR, who then team up with the respected Portfolios to help initiate and support the process end to end.

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The power of collaboration

The path forward became clearer when I began working closely with Karen. Karen’s extensive experience in the field made her an invaluable ally. Our mutual dedication to our roles, complemented by our regular discussions strengthened our partnership – especially in pre-meetings around our much-loved coffee machine.

At the heart of our efforts is GRAVITATE, the brainchild of our Head of HR, Sarah-Jayne Smith.

This initiative, represented by the acronym for Graduates, Returners, Apprentices, Veterans, Interns, Into Tech, and Transformation Employment, outlines our dedicated approach to broadening our talent pool:

  1. Graduates: Fresh faces from schools, colleges, and universities, eager to dive into the tech world
  2. Returners: Those resuming work after taking a hiatus, bringing along a reservoir of skills and past experiences
  3. Apprentices: Enthusiasts looking to learn while they work, building skills on the job
  4. Veterans: Individuals with a history of service, offering unique perspectives and discipline
  5. Interns: Early-career individuals seeking hands-on experience in the tech sector
  6. Into Tech: Those transitioning from other sectors, keen to explore the world of technology
  7. Transformation Employment: Professionals looking for a shift in their career trajectory, seeking roles that may differ from their previous experiences

The action items

Together, Karen and I embarked on refining every aspect of our strategy. We recognised that we had to revisit the whole process, including understanding business requirements at Methods, and revising our sourcing methods right through to tailor-made specific training for our cohorts.

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We have been collaborating in gathering business requirements, sourcing methods, and attending events, and the entire recruitment process to the final stage of hiring before actual employment.

This then included the onboarding of a new employee, with an induction and a formal training plan in place.

This has given our stakeholders an effective solution to bringing the next generation of talent into the business.

The results

Since implementing GRAVITATE, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in the diversity of our recruits. There’s a marked shift in company culture that’s more welcoming and inclusive. The connection between our employee retention rates and the GRAVITATE initiative speaks to its effectiveness.

The initiative represents our ongoing effort to redefine talent acquisition. It’s a reflection of Methods’ spirit of diversity and inclusion, and recognition of the range of values that each individual can bring to the table.

Here’s to a future rich in varied talents, experiences, and perspectives.

It’s a reflection of Methods’ spirit of diversity and inclusion, and recognition of the range of values that each individual can bring to the table. Here’s to a future rich in varied talents, experiences, and perspectives.

Jordan Adams is a passionate, inclusive, and skilled talent acquisition professional with a track record of success across sectors over a number of years. He specializes in building, maintaining, and managing real talent through a coaching approach.

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