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Workable Partner Profile: next-level assessments with Bryq

Learn how Bryq boosts unbiased, quality hiring via its science-backed assessment tools. Discover how Bryq is innovating the hiring landscape by using data-driven approaches and technology to remove bias, promote internal mobility, and cultivate company culture.

Trevor Schueren
Trevor Schueren

Trevor works with new HR tech partners to set up integration and 100+ existing partners to grow our relationship with them.

1. Please include 3-5 sentences about your company and any features you’d like us to highlight.

The Bryq assessment offers a flexible and unbiased tool for organizations to make quality hires by measuring candidates’ cognitive ability and personality traits.

By utilizing psychometrics and information technology, Bryq provides a transparent and evidence-based evaluation of candidates’ cognitive ability and primary personality traits related to job roles and workplace performance.

This comprehensive assessment enables a deeper understanding of candidates’ fit for specific job roles and organizational culture, while mitigating conscious and unconscious biases in the hiring process.

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2. Welcome to this month’s Partner Profile. Could you introduce yourself with a brief bio?

Hello! I’m Chryssa Takou, Partner Relationship Specialist at Bryq. I joined Bryq almost a year and a half ago as a Business Development intern and recently moved to the partnerships team. I am passionate about using data-driven approaches to improve the hiring process and help organizations build high-performing teams.

3. As an integrated partner of Workable, Bryq leverages assessments to eliminate bias within the hiring process, promote internal mobility through career pathing, and grow and cultivate your company culture. Could you elaborate on how Bryq specifically does so?

Bryq, as an integrated partner of Workable, offers a unique solution to reduce bias in hiring. Our platform utilizes scientifically validated assessments to evaluate candidates based on their cognitive skills, personality traits, and job-related competencies.

By removing the reliance on resumes and subjective evaluations, Bryq enables companies to make more objective and fair hiring decisions.

Additionally, our career pathing feature helps organizations identify internal talent and create opportunities for employee growth and advancement, fostering a positive company culture.

4. What are some general trends you all are noticing in the assessment landscape?

In the assessment landscape, a prominent trend is the increasing adoption of data-driven approaches and technology to improve hiring decisions. Companies are recognizing the limitations of relying solely on traditional methods and are turning to assessment tools to make informed choices.

Skill-based hiring is gaining traction, indicating a shift towards valuing specific skills and competencies rather than solely focusing on formal qualifications. Soft skills, such as communication, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, are being prioritized over hard skills, as they are essential for fostering effective collaboration and driving innovation in dynamic work environments.

Another significant trend is the utilization of assessments to address bias and promote diversity and inclusion. By leveraging objective evaluation tools, companies strive to ensure a fair and unbiased selection process, resulting in the hiring of more diverse and talented candidates who can positively impact organizational success.

These combined trends aim to create a more robust and equitable assessment landscape, ultimately leading to improved hiring outcomes and better-matched candidates for various roles.

5. Now is your chance to brag about what’s on the horizon for Bryq. Any exciting product developments our readers should be aware of?

Bryq is constantly evolving and has exciting product developments in the pipeline.

We are thrilled to announce two major updates: Bias Audit and Talent Matching for Employees.

Bryq has successfully undergone a rigorous bias audit, ensuring a fair and unbiased assessment process for all candidates. Our commitment to compliance and ethics led us to proactively conduct this audit in alignment with the standards set by NY 144 to safeguard protected groups.

Further, Talent Matching is our newest feature that allows you to match existing employees with currently open positions within your organization, making Internal Mobility easier than ever.

6. Any closing thoughts you’d like to share?

In closing, I would like to emphasize the importance of data-driven hiring practices. By utilizing assessments and technology, companies can improve the quality of their hires, reduce turnover, and create more inclusive workplaces.

At Bryq, we are committed to helping organizations make better hiring decisions and build successful teams. We are excited to continue supporting organizations in their quest for better hiring decisions and a thriving company culture.

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