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Cytora scales by 3X in 2.5 years, securing top talent for niche roles with Workable

An insurance startup with a bold vision to disrupt the insurance landscape, Cytora has 60 employees in London and more than $40 million in funding to date. Operating in a tight talent market with fierce competition, the ability to move fast is vital. Workable propels Cytora to optimize their hiring at top speed while keeping all internal players including hiring managers, leadership and HR on the same page.


The challenge

The solution

  • Struggling to find top talent at scale
  • Maintain spreadsheets outside a hiring platform
  • Difficult to get hiring managers to collaborate with a one-way calendar sync
  • Inefficient collaboration created hurdles in the hiring process stunting fast growth
  • Source passive talent through People Search
  • Control one hiring narrative with Hiring Plan, attached to hiring process and reports
  • Employ fast, accurate internal and external communication with a two-way calendar sync
  • Collaborate effectively with hiring managers and leadership, propelling fast growth

Founded in 2014, Cytora tripled in size over the past 2.5 years, going from 20 employees to 60. Projecting rapid growth, their old ATS didn’t meet their needs. Struggling to get everyone on the same page and collaborate effectively, they started looking at other options. In Workable, Cytora found a partner who understands the importance of having the whole team on the same page. Cytora’s CFO Tom Coward discusses how Cytora keeps hiring data in one system with Workable Hiring Plan, doing away with disconnected spreadsheets.

“One of the things Workable does really well is that we have the requisition system in operation, so before any role gets started on, the requisition has to be approved.”

Achieving their hiring goals means they need everyone in sync, each with the same information at their disposal. Workable gives Cytora the ability to view a snapshot of what’s happening across the board, from the beginning in candidate sourcing through to scheduling interviews with self-scheduling options, to seeing where job offers stand and what obstacles could be holding up an offer. 

Additionally, Cytora wants and needs to look at their recruitment history and build on their learnings.  They want to see where everything currently stands and investigate reports in order to troubleshoot and improve their future hiring process. 

Says Ben O’Mahony, Director of Operations: “All the way through to working with hiring managers and the leadership team to really coordinate everyone’s feedback, comments and thoughts – Workable provides the reports that show really clearly which stages are holding things up.”

They’re looking at one of the UK’s fiercest talent markets, that of engineers in London. With Workable, they’re able to see who’s out there with auto-suggested candidates and their own queries with our People Search product. Also understanding the importance of referrals in the market, they take advantage of leveraging their employees’ networks by actively leveraging Workable’s Referrals feature.

Says Cytora’s Chief Product Officer Thomas Soulez: “It’s really difficult to find, not just engineers, but engineering roles like product, designers who have domain experience in insurance, but as well are invested to working at the kind of pace we’re working at.”

There’s no room to room to play around. When communicating with top candidates in London, those who are available get snapped up quickly. Cytora’s team understands that, and they’ve engaged the whole hiring team, keeping communication clear with two-way calendar sync allowing the team to access information no matter where they are. 

Courtney Wood, Talent Acquisition Manager, responds to that competition with a powerful toolkit to stay aligned with growth targets:

“We put such importance on moving quickly because we know how competitive it is out there. For good candidates, they have so many options. Being able to move quickly through the process, having the tools that enable us to do that is really important.”

With Workable, Cytora now has all hiring information in one centralized location. As the company grows and hires the best candidates in the UK, they’re moving forward with an inclusive hiring process and stellar candidate experience.

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