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Billing Specialist job description

A Billing Specialist is a professional who ensures that insurance companies and healthcare facilities keep accurate records. They work closely with customers, patients, or company personnel to create invoices and check calculations on billing statements so there are no errors in payment procedures.

Billing Specialist responsibilities include:

  • Receiving and sorting incoming payments with attention to credibility
  • Managing the status of accounts and balances and identifying inconsistencies
  • Issuing bills, receipts and invoices

billing specialist job description

Job brief

We are looking for a competent Billing specialist to undertake a variety of financial and non-financial tasks in order to help guarantee the company’s revenues. You will handle the processing of incoming payments along with the issuing of necessary paperwork.


  • Assume the responsibility of receiving and sorting incoming payments with attention to credibility
  • Manage the status of accounts and balances and identify inconsistencies
  • Issue and post bills, receipts and invoices
  • Check the validity of debit accounts
  • Update accounts receivable database with new accounts or missed payments
  • Ensure all clients remain informed on their outstanding debts and deadlines
  • Provide solutions to any relative problems of clients
  • Write thorough reports on billing activity with clear and reliable data

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as Billing Specialist
  • Adherence to laws and best practices in regards to dealing with customers and data
  • Comfortable dealing with numbers and the processing of financial information
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office (particularly Excel) and ER software (JDE or other)
  • Proficiency in English
  • Results-driven and patient
  • High degree of attention to detail and trustworthiness
  • BSc degree in Finance, Accounting or BA

Frequently asked questions

What does a Billing Specialist do?

A Billing Specialist oversees the tasks of sending new invoices to clients and ensuring all outstanding invoices are paid in full and on time. They are client-focused and assist them with any issues with invoices.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Billing Specialist?

The duties and responsibilities of a Billing Specialist include sending invoices and account updates to clients, receiving, sorting, and tracking incoming payments, addressing and resolving client questions and issues relating to invoices, and providing regular, accurate reports of billing data.

What makes a good Billing Specialist?

A good Billing Specialist should have an excellent eye for detail to catch errors on invoices and billing. They also should be good problem-solver, analytical, and have excellent technical skills. A good Billing Specialist is dependable and can work autonomously.

Who does a Billing Specialist work with?

A Billing Specialist works with customers or clients daily and other employees in the Billing department and company. They can report to a Billing Supervisor or Billing Manager or in the healthcare industry to a Clinical Supervisor or Clinical Director.

Hiring Billing Specialist job description

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