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AI-driven candidate sourcing: AI Recruiter just got even better

We’ve overhauled Workable’s AI Recruiter to add new features and functionality to passive candidate sourcing.

Use Workable’s AI Recruiter to automatically generate a scrollable list of passive candidates that match for the job. Scroll through and add candidates to your pipeline, or remove those that you don’t want to reach out to. Find these features in Workable under the Find Candidates section for a job. Select “Passive Candidates” to start sourcing. Note: Scrolling through auto-sourced candidates will consume People Search profile views.

  • Fill your pipeline faster by proactively contacting passive candidates
  • Scroll more – AI Recruiter will continue suggesting candidates
  • Get improved results through our updated candidate matching algorithm
Source and attract more candidates

Workable helps you build and promote your brand where your next candidates are. You’re always top of mind, whether they’re actively looking or not.

Start sourcing

As soon as you activate a job, start finding candidates. No need to wait for your job to appear on boards, you can begin filling your pipeline right away. Add passive candidates and reach out personally or in bulk to introduce them to the job and your company. Take your candidate sourcing to the next level and expand your talent pool with AI-recommended passive candidates.

When you generate passive candidates for a job, AI Recruiter uses the title, job description and other post settings to find relevant candidate profiles. Profiles appear in a list for you to review. Add the best candidates to the Sourced stage of the job pipeline with a click. Plus, remove candidates who aren’t relevant to help train the AI.

We’ve also made improvements to how auto-sourced candidates are matched to your jobs. AI Recruiter has been updated to better understand your jobs’ requirements and extract matching skills from passive candidate profiles. Auto-sourcing continues to get smarter, with more and better data.

AI Recruiter is just one of the ways to source. Use People Search to manually look for potential candidates, post to 200+ job boards, get referrals from your team, advertise on social channels and more. No matter how you find candidates, Workable has you covered.

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