Elizabeth Onishuk

Elizabeth Onishuk is the former Talent Acquisition Manager at Workable. Prior to joining Workable, Elizabeth ran her own full service human resources consulting practice. She's recruited fast and slow, globally and locally and has worked in a range of industries. For more on Elizabeth, check out her LinkedIn profile.

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How to build a strategic hiring plan

Willy-nilly recruitment happens when nothing is in writing. I’ve seen this firsthand. Hiring managers open requisitions, only to withdraw them when learning they don’t have full buy-in from the leadership...

Blog, Recruiting

The key to building a talent pipeline? Care about your candidates

As a talent acquisition professional, I’m constantly talking to passive candidates. Even when my business doesn’t have a current hiring need, our highest performer could resign at any time. I...

Recruiting, Tutorials

How to create a great candidate experience

What is candidate experience? This popular buzzword is actually one of the most important factors for attracting talent. That’s because the candidate experience definition is “how candidates feel about your...

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How to hire more women in tech sales

Throughout my career, I’ve observed that the highest performing teams have a common denominator: diversity. And, gender diversity is an undeniable variable in successful teams. At Workable, we take this...

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Why millennial job-hopping shouldn’t be a warning sign for recruiters

Millennials have a bad reputation as entitled job-hoppers. Hiring managers can’t get past resumes that read one and a half years here, two years there. Red flags go up. Recruiters...