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Why companies move from Google Hire to Workable

If you liked Google Hire, you’ll love Workable.

As you’re managing through one of the most stressful years for HR & talent teams, we know the last headache you want is to deal with is switching your ATS. But, with Workable, there’s a way to switch quickly and easily.

In this webinar, we’ll show how you’ll still have the same great Google integrations, and can do even more with us than you could before. And if you decide to switch, we’re offering free data migration for Google Hire users, plus you’ll also get our new remote screening tool, Video Interviews, free to use for 3 months.

If you’d prefer a personalized demo, request one here.

In just 60-minutes, this webinar will help you:

  • Discover everything you can do with the Workable hiring software, and how it compares to Google Hire
  • Gain insight into why hundreds of Google Hire users made the switch to Workable
  • Get answers to all of your Google Hire & Workable related questions (we’ll leave plenty of time for you to ask)

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