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Workable Partner Profile: smooth reference checks with Refapp

Learn how Refapp helps hiring teams make the most reliable hires via conducting reference checks on candidates using an optimized, automated process.

Trevor Schueren
Trevor Schueren

Trevor works with new HR tech partners to set up integration and 100+ existing partners to grow our relationship with them.

Refapp is a talent intelligence solution that helps recruiters conduct efficient, professional and secure reference checks on every candidate. Using an automated workflow, evidence-based questionnaires, and comprehensive reporting, Refapp has successfully catered to the needs of more than a thousand companies and organizations on a global scale.

1. Welcome to this month’s Partner Profile. Could you introduce yourself with a brief bio?

Hello there! I’m Daniel Johnsson, and I’m proud to be heading the international expansion efforts here at Refapp. It’s been an incredible journey since I joined Refapp nearly 3 years ago, and I’ve been fully devoted to enhancing our global presence.

At present, we have formed strong partnerships with numerous organizations, all with a common focus: empowering companies to make well-informed hiring decisions and ensuring the seamless onboarding and success of their new employees. Our dedication to this mission drives us to continually improve our services and offer cutting-edge solutions.

As we expand our reach across borders, we remain committed to delivering top-notch services to our clients worldwide. The Refapp team is passionate about revolutionising the hiring process and creating an impact on businesses, no matter where they are located.

2. As an integrated partner of Workable, Refapp helps companies conduct due diligence on new hires and efficiently conduct reference checks. Could you elaborate on how Refapp specifically does so?

Our interface is designed to help you gather information from references efficiently and securely, while providing a great experience for all parties. The platform automatically collects 360-degree candidate insights, making it easier to make decisions and hire the right talent for your organisation.

We have a library of evidence-based questionnaire templates you can use straight out of the box. Or you can create your own customized templates based on your needs, enabling you to get started with your digital reference checking within minutes.

With our integration to Workable, you can easily initiate a reference check from within your existing workflow. Automated emails and text messages ensure that you don’t have to manually remind references to submit their responses. This allows your team to spend more time on other revenue-generating activities and onboarding new candidates.

Once the references have responded, Refapp collects them into a comparable easy-to-read report which can be shared securely with your team or client. Here’s a short video explaining the integration.

3. What are some general trends you all are noticing in the reference checking process?

Some noteworthy trends observed in the reference checking process encompass various aspects:

Compliance: There is a growing emphasis on adhering to regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure that the reference checking process is conducted ethically and in alignment with legal guidelines.

Utilization of evidence-based questions and methods: The reference checking process is increasingly adopting evidence-based questions and methodologies, which enables the collection of dependable and precise information about candidates.

Focus on reference and candidate experience: Organizations are recognizing the significance of optimising the reference checking experience for both the referees and the candidates, striving to ensure a positive and professional interaction throughout the process.

Time-intensive nature: Reference checking process can be time-consuming, as it involves thorough assessments and coordination with various parties to obtain comprehensive feedback.

Unorganized data challenges: Many organizations face the challenge of dealing with unorganized data during the reference checking process, necessitating efficient methods to streamline and manage the information effectively.

4. Now is your chance to brag about what’s on the horizon for Refapp. Any exciting product developments our readers should be aware of?

We at Refapp are excited to announce that we are continuing to create new partnerships and expand our solution to fit the needs of various global markets. There is always something new on the horizon for Refapp and we look forward to having you along the journey with us.

We have many resources available on our website where you can find updates on our feature developments, webinars, customer cases and partnership updates.

Some popular resources that we have recently released are:

Breaking the myths about reference checking – We discuss the myths behind reference checking and provide practical tips for getting the most out of the process.

Workable & Refapp turn BSA Solutions into a hiring machine – A customer case about how BSA Solutions have maximized their hiring potential with the help of Refapp combined with Workable

What does successful hiring and retention look like? – Delving into the topic of successful hiring and retention through the lens of BlueRock, a company that has been consistently recognized as a great place to work.

5. Any closing thoughts you’d like to share?

Take the next step towards streamlined digital reference checks with Refapp through Workable. Reach out to us today to discover the array of benefits we can bring to your hiring process!

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