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Litigation Paralegal job description

A Litigation Specialist is a professional who works directly with lawyers in order to research and prepare all documents, briefs, and other aspects of a case prior to trial.

Litigation Paralegal responsibilities include:

  • Conducting pre-claim investigation, legal research and initial case assessments
  • Drafting pleadings, motions and appellate documents and filing them with the court
  • Performing administrative duties (calendar hearings and deadlines, organize case files, manage logistics etc)

litigation paralegal job description

Job brief

We are looking for a skilled Litigation Paralegal to be the backbone of our trial team. You will be responsible for the coordination of all the details before, during and after trial. The successful candidate will be able to provide assistance during all phases of the litigation process including conducting interviews, legal research, document filing and attending trials.


  • Conduct pre-claim investigation, legal research and initial case assessments
  • Draft pleadings, motions and appellate documents and file them with the court
  • Perform administrative duties (calendar hearings and deadlines, organise case files, manage logistics etc)
  • Maintain pleadings and discovery indexes
  • Organize exhibits, documents, evidence, briefs and appendices
  • Aid attorneys with interrogatories and other discovery requests
  • Gather relevant information from a variety of sources
  • Liaise between trial teams and internal/external third parties
  • Help with voir dire, jury selection and witnesses preparation
  • Provide assistance with case settlements

Requirements and skills

  • Proven working experience as a Litigation Paralegal
  • Applicable knowledge of motions, discovery, evidence, litigation documentation, court rules and procedures, practices etc
  • Highly organised with ability to juggle multiple deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong writing and communication skills along with attention to detail
  • Extensive computer and database expertise
  • Paralegal associates degree or other relevant certification

Frequently asked questions

What does a Litigation Specialist do?

A Litigation Specialist helps attorneys prepare for successful trials by providing assistance in case gathering, review and analysis of information gathered, preparation of documents needed at trial (such as briefs), and writing opinions. A litigation assistant makes sure that all legal bases are covered so there will not be surprises later on when it comes time for court proceedings or negotiations.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Litigation Specialist?

Litigation specialists are an integral part of any litigation team. They work closely with attorneys, filing documents in court and organizing briefs for trial preparation as well as preparing exhibits such as depositions from reports compiled by reporting services or other stakeholders involved during the discovery period through post-trial proceedings, including appeals if necessary.

What makes a good Litigation Specialist?

A Litigation Specialist has great problem-solving skills, excellent written and verbal communication abilities, and excellent social interaction abilities. Attention to detail is also important in all phases of preparation.

Who does a Litigation Specialist work with?

A Litigation Specialist works directly with Lawyers, clients, and Judges. They will also work with insurance agents and law enforcement while researching cases.

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