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Valiant Finance more than doubles in size within a year with Workable

An Australian fintech company, Valiant Finance has 124 employees spread across three offices. Coming from manual spreadsheets, they adopted Workable internally and developed a mature hiring process. Within a year with Workable, Valiant rapidly scaled—doubling in headcount.

Johanna Cohen
Johanna Cohen

Johanna managed product marketing campaigns at Workable.

The challenge

The solution

  • Unmanageable manual spreadsheets that didn’t support rapid growth
  • Difficult to project consistent brand story without a centralized recruitment system
  • Limited tools for passive sourcing
  • KPIs were hard to measure without a structured process
  • Implement robust and easy to use platform
  • Collaborate with hiring managers on mobile app
  • Enhance brand and brought careers page to life
  • Boost growth with more diverse job posting sources, like Facebook Jobs
  • Report hiring plan on a monthly basis to the board and measure time to hire by role type

Valiant builds an award-winning loan marketplace in Australia focused on small businesses. Headquartered in Sydney, they have offices in Queensland and Melbourne so that brokers are on the ground. Founded in 2015, hypergrowth pushed them over the edge from relying on emails and spreadsheets. With $12.5 million in Series B funding, Valiant’s Talent Acquisition Lead, Joshua Minzie, was tasked with doubling the employee base within a year. As the work picked up, he hired another person for his team, and spreadsheets became unsustainable in the hiring process. 

“There were so many names and contacts. We got to the stage where I was pushing for an ATS software because I knew it’d benefit us.”

Valiant needed an easy-to-use system where things are clear without unnecessary fuss. Often, they’re doing background checks and multiple rounds of interviews within a few days. There’s no time to get buried in emails or questions of where something stands – which made for a headache with numerous members of the hiring team participating at once. This put a burden on time, a resource they couldn’t afford to waste.

“Time to hire could be anything from within a week to four days turnaround.”

Expecting a month-long onboarding process, Workable truly met their partnership with Valiant, onboarding the company in a week so that hiring managers could collaborate effectively. The team picked it up immediately, and hiring managers downloaded the mobile app so they could recruit on the go. 

“With Workable, everything’s been perfect,” said Joshua.

With Workable by its side, Valiant enhanced its brand. Their name is now present on more diverse job sites, and the benefit is paying off as they’re now attracting a broader talent spectrum. Instead of reporting from spreadsheets and disparate sources, all hiring data lives in one place. It’s that single source of truth that feeds the monthly hiring plan report for the board. Maintaining rapid growth, Valiant’s reached their next level of hiring maturity with Workable—hiring quickly with a standardized process

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