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Alexander Dennis saves over $300K in agency fees in the first year of using Workable

The world’s largest double-decker bus manufacturer with 2,600 employees, Alexander Dennis struggled to manage recruitment internally as the business grew. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on agencies, the HR Team needed to reduce agency spend. With Workable, they streamlined recruitment and achieved their goal.

Johanna Cohen
Johanna Cohen

Johanna managed product marketing campaigns at Workable.

The challenge

The solution

  • Recruitment was hugely time consuming
  • Lacked infrastructure to manage recruitment effectively internally and relied on agencies
  • Spent several hundred thousand dollars a year on agency fees
  • As business grew, HR was under pressure to reduce overhead and improve service levels
  • Build a business case to purchase and implement Workable
  • Decrease agency reliance because of global job board distribution
  • Reduce time to hire with hiring manager engagement across all recruitment stages
  • Save more than $300K in agency fees in first year

Alexander Dennis designs, engineers, builds and supports a range of market-leading buses. They operate in the UK, North America, Continental Europe and Asia Pacific. Globally, there are over 25,000 people every minute of every day riding their buses. To break that down even further, more than half of the buses that you see on the roads in the UK are made by Alexander Dennis, with over 3.5 million passengers a day in London alone making a journey on one of their buses.

The company’s revenue tripled in the past decade but the HR Team had not grown at the same speed, requiring Alexander Dennis to rely heavily on agencies and manual spreadsheets. Tasked with reducing spend, David Raphael, Head of Talent Acquisition, made the business case to purchase Workable, saving Alexander Dennis $300,000 on agency spend in their first year with Workable.

“With Workable we’ve significantly reduced our agency spend and at the same time, modernized, standardized and future-proofed our recruitment process.”

The HR Team of 12 needed an easy to use system and one that was quick to implement for 120 hiring managers and counting spread across the world. With Workable, Alexander Dennis took charge of recruitment without having to expand their HR Team by collaborating across hiring teams, thus exceeding the Finance Team’s mission to reduce spend.

“I couldn’t guarantee that I was going to get the results. I knew I would, but I couldn’t guarantee. You know, Workable’s a good product. It’s a great one.”

David, new to Alexander Dennis when he made the business case to purchase Workable, was untested in major business initiatives at the company, but with Workable, the HR Team automated admin and became a true business partner.

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