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Communications Specialist job description

A Communications Specialist is a professional who makes sure that people within an organization's network have access to their message. They create engaging content for various platforms, like TV shows or YouTube videos, with catchy titles to assist in growing an audience.

Communications Specialist responsibilities include:

  • Developing effective corporate communication strategies
  • Managing internal communications (memos, newsletters etc.)
  • Drafting content (e.g. press releases) for mass media or company website

communications specialist job description

Job brief

We are looking for an enthusiastic Communications Specialist to manage our external and internal communications. You will promote a positive public image and control the dissemination of information on our company’s behalf.

Phenomenal communication and copywriting skills make a strong communications specialist. Experience in corporate communications and project management are important qualities too. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will help you gain the trust of colleagues and external parties alike.


  • Develop effective corporate communication strategies
  • Manage internal communications (memos, newsletters etc.)
  • Draft content (e.g. press releases) for mass media or company website
  • Organize initiatives and plan events or press conferences
  • Liaise with media and handle requests for interviews, statements etc.
  • Foster relationships with advocates and key persons
  • Collaborate with marketing professionals to produce copy for advertisements or articles
  • Perform “damage control” in cases of bad publicity
  • Facilitate the resolution of disputes with the public or external vendors
  • Assist in communication of strategies or messages from senior leadership

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as communications specialist
  • Experience in web design and content production is a plus
  • Experience in copywriting and editing
  • Solid understanding of project management principles
  • Working knowledge of MS Office; photo and video-editing software is an asset
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) and presentation skills
  • Outstanding organizational and planning abilities
  • Proficient command of English
  • BSc/BA in public relations, communications or relevant field

Frequently asked questions

What does a Communications Specialist do?

Communications Specialists handle public relations, information output, and media requests. They can also plan social media campaigns or advertising efforts for a business. Overall, they ensure a company has excellent and effective advertising whenever a campaign is in the works.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Communications Specialist?

Communications Specialists are responsible for creating communications content on behalf of an institution, whether it's writing press releases or developing blog posts and social media updates. They even keep track of analytics, so a company knows how well a campaign is doing.

What makes a Good Communications Specialist?

Communications Specialists represent an organization to members of the media and other relevant parties. They rely on their speaking skills, writing abilities as well as leadership qualities to reach out across different platforms such as television interviews or online blogs.

Who does a Communications Specialist work with?

A Communications Specialist works alongside a Public Relations Manager, as both positions require an effort to effectively play to the public's interest. Their duties coincide with the goal of successful advertising and campaigns.

Hiring Communications Specialist job description

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