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Introducing automated actions: Increase productivity and hire more efficiently

We’re excited to announce the launch of Workable's automated actions. Automated actions help make your job easier and speed up time to hire by automating repetitive tasks and emails.

Workable helps customers scale their hiring efforts while staying efficient with tools that automate process and manual tasks, like getting approvals, creating reports, managing compliance, and more.

With automated actions, our newest efficiency-boosting tool, make recruiters’ jobs easier and speed up time to hire by automating repetitive tasks and emails. Automate and personalize bulk candidate communication to increase productivity, allow candidates to self-schedule meeting times to streamline interview scheduling, and ensure every applicant gets a customized and personalized response to improve both the candidate experience and your employer brand.

Workable helps companies in 100+ countries efficiently scale up their hiring processes with tools like hiring plan, interview self-scheduling, native video interviews, and top-notch customer support.

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Move faster on a platform that automates the admin. Workable offers a full suite of features and tools to help at every stage of your hiring process.

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