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Job recommendation emails: boost job visibility with Workable

Jobs by Workable recently reached over 100,000 registered job seekers. Job seekers can opt in to receive job recommendation emails with jobs that match their profile. For Workable customers, this is a new way for candidates to find your jobs.

Nick DeSimone
Nick DeSimone

Nick is our Senior Product Marketing Manager with a 10-year track record of building best-in-class customer experiences.

Jobs by Workable is available to all Workable customers. In the past year it has drawn millions of job seekers and has become one of the top sources of applicants for companies.

Our latest update adds job recommendation emails for job seekers who register on the board. It not only helps job seekers stay up to date on the latest jobs that match their profile, it helps companies that are hiring get more eyes on their jobs.

These weekly recommendation emails can be opted into by job seekers who register with Workable. Workable suggests jobs based on the job seeker’s experience and education, sending out a list of the latest jobs that are a match.

For companies that use Workable this means:

  • New channel: Jobs are advertised through recommendation emails, providing a fresh and personalized channel for candidates to discover job opportunities.
  • More visibility: Posts to the Workable job board now get an extra boost in visibility because they show up in these recommendation emails, catching the eye of job seekers who might have missed them elsewhere.
  • Reach relevant candidates: Workable’s tech plays matchmaker, making suggestions to job seekers based on their education and experience, connecting your company with folks who are a great fit for your roles.

We’re building more features for job seekers and companies alike, so stay tuned for more updates and advancements like this!

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