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Make Workable your recruiting copilot with AI Email assistance

We're excited to introduce Email assistance, our latest AI feature designed to be your copilot for passive candidate communication. Crafted for contacting sourced candidates, this feature generates personalized outreach emails in seconds, saving you time and improving your results.

Nick DeSimone
Nick DeSimone

Nick is our Senior Product Marketing Manager with a 10-year track record of building best-in-class customer experiences.

Workable’s AI tech is continuing to evolve. From writing job descriptions, suggesting and resurfacing candidates, creating interview questions and now composing emails, there’s so much AI can help with. Our vision for AI is to act as your copilot in hiring. Let Workable do the lifting to provide guidance and suggestions while decision-making stays with you and your hiring team.

This latest update focuses on outreach to passive candidates. We know it can be difficult and time-consuming to engage sourced candidates. That’s where Email assistance comes in.

Generate custom emails with AI to:

  • Increase response rates – AI-written emails with the right tone and content can boost responses from passive candidates.
  • Save time – effortlessly craft effective outreach, focusing on building relationships rather than spending time on manual drafting.
  • Enhance candidate experience – impress candidates with dynamic, personalized emails reflecting their resumes, ensuring a memorable and positive interaction.

Workable’s AI uses each candidate’s unique profile in combination with the job description to help you write a unique and engaging email every time.

Be on the lookout for more AI updates and improvements coming this year.

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