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Introducing Workable’s updated Chrome extension

Workable's Chrome extension is designed to streamline your recruiting efforts with ease and efficiency.

Nick DeSimone
Nick DeSimone

Nick is our Senior Product Marketing Manager with a 10-year track record of building best-in-class customer experiences.

The ultimate sourcing extension adds new options for looking up candidates and adding LinkedIn profiles to Workable.

  • Instantly add a LinkedIn profile to Workable
  • Search Jobs by Workable members
  • Look up candidates in your database
  • Manually add candidates

Built and fully approved for use on the platform, our Chrome extension allows you to instantly add a person’s LinkedIn profile to Workable, directly from your browser powered by the LinkedIn PDF download functionality. Install the Chrome extension and open it when you’re on LinkedIn. From there, just click a button to add the profile as a candidate for any of your Workable jobs.

This experience enhances your sourcing capabilities, enabling you to swiftly gather candidate information and streamline your recruitment process.

But that’s not all. Our Chrome extension isn’t limited to just LinkedIn. You can also utilize it on other websites to source potential candidates effortlessly. Whether you’re browsing industry forums, professional networks, or any other online platform, Workable’s extension empowers you to efficiently identify and add promising candidates to your talent pool.

  • Install the extension
  • Open it on LinkedIn to quickly add a prospective candidate to Workable
  • Use it on any site to manually source in a candidate

With a focus on simplicity and functionality, our Chrome extension is a valuable tool for recruiters looking to optimize their sourcing efforts. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a more streamlined recruitment workflow with Workable’s updated Chrome extension.

Download from the Chrome webstore today and try it out firsthand.

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