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Introducing simplified plans and transparent pricing

We’re in the hiring space ourselves – in fact, we specialize in it. We're featured in G2's Best Software List – including Best Mid-Market and Best HR Product – and we're also in TrustRadius' Most Loved Awards for good reason. We know how hard it is sometimes to fill those needed roles, and because of that, our vision is a world where there is no barrier between talent and opportunity. And our mission is to make it easier for employers to find the right person for every job.

Keith MacKenzie
Keith MacKenzie

Passionate about human resources, employment, and business management, and an expert at sharing that expertise.

If you’ve ever gone shopping – be it for a car, cosmetics, or a new ATS – you know how cumbersome it can get to learn about a product when you just want to pull out your credit card and start hiring right away.

With simplified plans, easy-to-understand pricing up front, and the ability to experience the product however you want, we’re making it even easier for you to decide on the spot whether we’re the best fit for your current hiring needs.

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We’re doing this in several ways:

1. You’ll know exactly how much our ATS costs

Whether you’re a small startup of 12 people or a booming company of more than 500 full-time employees, you can see exactly how much it’ll cost to procure our recruitment software on our pricing page. There’s no need to take any additional steps if you just want to get to the important part – the price.

2. You don’t have to commit to anything (yet)

Don’t want to lock in to an annual plan? We have you covered here as well. Our Pay As You Go option means you can just use our software to fill positions on an as-needed basis, with no further obligation. There’s of course a tipping point where it makes more sense to invest in an annual plan – but again, that’s up to you to decide.

3. You need to hire quickly

If Grigoria or Steve just left their job and you desperately need to fill that role yesterday, you can start the hiring process immediately without needing to talk with us first. Think of it as a “self-checkout” option so you can get to what’s important right away.

4. You just want to kick the tires first

Feeling hesitant about going all-in with our hiring solution – even for the Pay As You Go option? That’s OK. You can give our hiring solution a 15-day test run free of charge so you can try before you buy. Yes, this free trial includes all our best-in-class features, including Video Interviews, Assessments, Automated Actions, AI Recruiter, self-scheduling and more – so you can get the full experience before deciding whether to invest.

5. You now have the power of choice

We have different options to suit your needs. If you prefer to have someone walk you through the software? Great – we’re always happy to help you out there. If you’d rather check it out for yourself, you can do that as well. The point is, you decide from the get-go if you want to go the entirely self-serviced route or you’d like to be ushered through the full Workable experience.

No-frills hiring on the go

You have the power to experience the product exactly the way you want to. We’re also putting all the power in your hands for the ideal customer experience. To learn more, please check out what we’ve got!

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