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Customizable meeting buffers for stress-free self-scheduling

Our latest update adds new ways for you to control the self-scheduling experience for both your hiring team and candidates.

When you use self-scheduling for interviews through Workable, candidates can easily book time for an interview based on your availability, speeding up the scheduling process and making for a better candidate experience.

Today, a big update to our self-scheduling tool is here. Set buffer time between meetings and get more control over your day-to-day availability.

  • Breathing room between meetings: New buffer options mean less hustle between calls, making the interview process feel more relaxed and accommodating for everyone involved.
  • Increased flexibility: Customize availability for each day of the week, allowing for the scheduling experience that works best for you.

Buffer times help to ensure that you (and your hiring team) aren’t rushed from call to call. Take time to compile notes or prepare for your next meetings. Your interviewers will appreciate this, but so will your candidates. With buffers baked in, you can rest assured that you won’t need to hang up immediately to jump to the next call. Candidates are less likely to experience rushed interviews, leading to a more positive and considerate candidate experience.

Different days of the week often come with different workloads and priorities. New options for customizing availability on a daily basis cater to the diverse and dynamic nature of interviewers’ schedules.

Self-scheduling within Workable not only streamlines the logistics of interview coordination but also fundamentally transforms the recruiting experience. Use self-scheduling on desktop or mobile to empower hiring teams with the autonomy to customize their schedules makes for better candidate experiences, reduces stress, and ultimately contributes to a positive and efficient hiring process.

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