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AI-driven auto-sourcing comes to mobile

Our latest mobile app update is here! With just a tap in the mobile app, you can generate a list of best-fit candidates for a job.

Nick DeSimone
Nick DeSimone

Nick is our Senior Product Marketing Manager with a 10-year track record of building best-in-class customer experiences.

Just like on desktop, Workable can now suggest passive candidates for you through our mobile app. Add candidate profiles to your pipeline or dismiss those that aren’t a fit – it’s that simple!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Workable app for iOS or Android
  2. Create a job or tap the option to view all of your jobs
  3. Tap the Find Candidates option

Workable will parse through more than 400 million candidate profiles in just a few seconds to find matches for your job. Choose which candidates to add to your hiring pipeline. And did you know your selections help train Workable’s AI for the future? That means better candidate matches the more you use it.

Auto-sourcing is great for those hard-to-fill jobs. It means that you don’t have to wait for the perfect candidate to find you, you can find them.

Update your Workable app now to try it out and build out your hiring pipelines with ease.

Meet your new assistant: Workable mobile app

Offered on both iOS and Android, Workable's mobile recruiting app will change the way you hire.

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