Cherone Duggan

Cherone is a former content team leader at Workable. She planned, managed and edited Workable's editorial content and she wrote about work culture.

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How to build a new employee onboarding process

Building a strong onboarding process is the best way to welcome, and retain, new employees. Effective onboarding is all about planning ahead and thinking from your new employee’s point of...

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Why passion shouldn’t be a job requirement

Are you passionate about your job? Do you absolutely love what you do? Does every single one of your work responsibilities make you feel happy, engaged, challenged and fulfilled? Do...

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The ethics and etiquette of employee poaching

Is employee poaching ethical? Yes. It is ethical, but it might not always be legal.* Here is why: * This post does not impart legal advice. It won’t help you...

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How to find good employees: hire for skills, not talent

Talent is a feel-good word for describing good job candidates. But, framing talent as the main recruiting and retention issue for companies does us all a disservice. Recruiting employees with...

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How companies succumb to sunk cost culture

In theory, companies are meant to act rationally, efficiently and in their own economic self-interest. But humans manage them, so they succumb to irrational thinking. The sunk cost fallacy is...

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Employee monitoring: to track or not to track?

As anyone who has ever worked in the corporate world knows, it’s easy to clock up a 9-5 day and get absolutely nothing done. Before computers were the office norm,...

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How to succeed as a HR leader: forget ‘best practices’

The HR industry has more buzzwordy ‘best practices’ than most. But they’re counter-productive. By definition, accepted or ‘standard’ approaches don’t achieve the best results, especially when it comes to finding,...

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How can we fix tech recruiting?

Technology fancies itself a meritocracy—more so than any other industry. In theory, coding ability is all you need to land a coding job. Not a rich dad or a fancy...

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The false economy of unpaid internships

The word ‘intern’ has an ironic double meaning: to work as a trainee and to confine someone as a prisoner. Most articles about unpaid internships explore this irony from the...