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Warehouse Supervisor job description

Warehouse Supervisors are professionals who are responsible for overseeing the general operations of a warehouse and its staff. They handle the recording and maintaining of inventory, advising the imports received and items exported. They might also train new workers and ensure their performance is adequate.

Warehouse Supervisor responsibilities include:

  • Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, identifying, dispatching and assuring quality of goods
  • Measuring and reporting the effectiveness of warehousing activities and employees performance
  • Organizing and maintaining inventory and storage area

warehouse supervisor job description

Job brief

We are looking for an experienced Warehouse Supervisor to oversee and coordinate the daily warehousing activities. You will implement production, productivity, quality and customer service standards and achieve the appropriate level of volume within time limits.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure that daily operations meet and exceed daily performance expectations and to increase the company’s overall market share.


  • Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, identifying, dispatching and assuring quality of goods
  • Measure and report the effectiveness of warehousing activities and employees performance
  • Organize and maintain inventory and storage area
  • Ensure shipments’ and inventory transactions’ accuracy
  • Communicate job expectations and coach employees
  • Determine staffing levels and assign workload
  • Interface with customers to answer questions or solve problems
  • Maintain items record, document necessary information and utilize reports to project warehouse status
  • Identify areas of improvement and establish innovative or adjust existing work procedures and practices
  • Confer and coordinate activities with other departments

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Warehouse Supervisor
  • Highly effective supervisory skills and techniques
  • Knowledge of warehouse software packages and MS Office proficiency
  • Ability to input, retrieve and analyse data
  • Hands-on commitment to getting the job done
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to direct and coordinate operations
  • Strong organisational and time management skills
  • BS degree in logistics, supply chain management or business administration

Frequently asked questions

What does a Warehouse Supervisor do?

Warehouse Supervisors oversee and coordinate daily activities such as receiving goods. They also manage inventory levels by observing deliveries or taking counts when necessary. They ensure timely shipping with accurate timeframes that suit all parties involved and supervise staff members on-site during opening hours if need be.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Warehouse Supervisor?

Warehouse Supervisors are in charge of training, supervising, and evaluating the performance standards for assigned warehouse employees. They also give workloads to these workers to do their best while completing all tasks properly with efficiency.

What makes a Good Warehouse Supervisor?

A good Warehouse Supervisor has excellent verbal and written communication abilities. They should also have a knack for anticipating problems before anything arises, making life easier for their company as a whole. You also must be comfortable in s supervisory role and have solid leadership skills to excel in this position.

Who does a Warehouse Supervisor work with?

Warehouse Supervisors manage Warehouse Workers. The Supervisor handles the training and supervision of these workers, administering tasks to complete in a timely and efficient manner. The worker reports to their superior with updates on the inventory and state of operations.

Hiring Warehouse Supervisor job description

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