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Candidate evaluation

Candidate evaluation is a comprehensive process involving various stages of assessing a job applicant's suitability for a role. It includes interviewer ratings, skill tests, and other measures to ensure bias-free assessments and standardized procedures, aiding in making optimal hiring decisions.

Here’s everything you need to know on the intricacies of evaluating the candidates at every step in the pipeline.

How to assess customer service representatives

To assess customer service representatives, exercises that test troubleshooting, decision-making, communication, and comprehensi...

How to assess sales representatives

Assessing sales representatives involves evaluating their communication, goal-setting, presentation, and research skills. Effect...

Pre-employment testing: a selection of popular tests

Pre-employment tests provide an objective measure of a candidate's qualifications, skills, and suitability for a role. They can ...

pre-employment assessment test

Evaluate candidates with a pre-employment assessment test

A pre-employment assessment test is a standardized method used by employers to evaluate a candidate's suitability for a job role...

Pre-employment screening: tips to navigate awkward conversations

When it’s handled clumsily, pre-employment screening has the potential to drive a wedge between employers and employees. Employe...

Tips for choosing the best background check service

Choosing the best background check service involves considering legal compliance, types of checks provided, cost, turnaround tim...

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