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Public Relations (PR) Officer job description

A Public Relations Officer is a specialist in building and maintaining the positive image of a company, organization, or client. Public Relations Officers are often the first contact for organizations seeking to reach out in an informed way. They use press releases, social media, and other communications to shape and influence public impression and raise awareness.

Public Relations Officer responsibilities include:

  • Developing PR strategies and campaigns
  • Preparing press releases, keynote speeches and promotional material
  • Building positive relationships with stakeholders, media and the public

public relations officer job description

Job brief

We are looking for a Public Relations (PR) Officer to organize and oversee PR activities and ensure effective communication with stakeholders, media and the public.

As a PR Officer, you should be an organized and cool-tempered professional who is able to handle a crisis. We expect you to have a creative mind and excellent communication skills. If you are also confident in your public speaking and project management abilities, we’d like to meet you.

Your goal will be to cultivate a positive company image.


  • Develop PR campaigns and media relations strategies
  • Collaborate with internal teams (e.g. marketing) and maintain open communication with senior management
  • Edit and update promotional material and publications (brochures, videos, social media posts etc.)
  • Prepare and distribute press releases
  • Organize PR events (e.g. open days, press conferences) and serve as the company’s spokesperson
  • Seek opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising
  • Address inquiries from the media and other parties
  • Track media coverage and follow industry trends
  • Prepare and submit PR reports
  • Manage PR issues

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as a Public Relations Officer or similar PR role
  • Experience managing media relations (online, broadcast and print)
  • Background in researching, writing and editing publications
  • Proficient in MS Office and social media
  • Familiarity with project management software and video/photo editing is a plus
  • Strong communication ability (oral and written)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Creativity and problem-solving aptitude
  • BSc/BA in Public Relations, Journalism, Communications or a related field

Frequently asked questions

What does a Public Relations Officer do?

A Public Relations Officer has a positive public opinion of an organization and increased brand knowledge as their first concern. They access and monitor their client’s online presence to prepare the right message to convey. They can also coach clients on the importance of self-image and how to communicate with the media. A Public Relations Officer aims to positively handle and communicate information internally and externally.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Public Relations Officer?

A Public Relations Officer responds to requests for information from media outlets. They aim to maintain the positive image of an organization or client. To that end, they can write marketing materials like newsletters, social media posts, and press releases. Writing speeches can also be an important responsibility of a Public Relations Officer. In addition, they spearhead press conferences, exhibitions, and tours/visits and are usually the point of contact for external and internal communication.

What makes a good Public Relations Officer?

A great Public Relations Officer has stellar communication skills. Whether written or vocal, they should efficiently convey information with clarity. They work closely with their client or organization to anticipate needs and tackle problems. They should also have key contacts in various media outlets to ensure a streamlined communication process.

Who does a Public Relations Officer work with?

A Public Relations Officer works closely with others in the Communications field to develop effective marketing strategies to boost brand awareness and positively mold the public opinion of a client or company. A Public Relations Officer often reports to a Public Relations Director who monitors their performance and sets overall PR goal objectives.

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