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Daycare Teacher job description

A Daycare Teacher is a professional who provides children with primary care while parents may be unavailable. In addition, they provide nutritional health and educational requirements, aiding in children's development. 


This Daycare Teacher job description template is optimized for posting in online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. Similar job titles include Child Care Associate, Child Care Coordinator, Child Care Teacher, Infant Teacher, Toddler Teacher and After-School Care Assistant.

Daycare Teacher responsibilities include:

  • Designing and following a full schedule of activities and discover suitable teaching material
  • Balancing your teaching between logical and social exercises
  • Providing basic care and caregiving activities

child care teacher job description

Job brief

We are looking for a Child Care Teacher to encourage the healthy intellectual and psychological growth of the children in our facilities. You will teach and supervise them while also motivating them to use their mental capacities and exercise their imagination.


  • Design and follow a full schedule of activities and discover suitable teaching material
  • Balance your teaching between logical and social exercises
  • Provide basic care and caregiving activities
  • Use a wide range of teaching methods (stories, media, indoor or outdoor games, drawing etc) to enhance the child’s abilities
  • Evaluate children’s performance to make sure they are on the right learning track
  • Remain in constant communication with parents and update them on the progress of their children
  • Observe children’s interactions and promote the spirit of concord
  • Identify behavioral problems and determine the right course of action
  • Collaborate with other colleagues
  • Adhere with teaching standards and safety regulations as established by the official sources

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as a Child Care / Daycare Teacher
  • Excellent knowledge of child development and up-to-date education methods
  • Methodical and creative
  • Patience, flexibility and love for children
  • Strong communication and time management skills
  • Certificate in first aid and CPR
  • Degree in early childhood education

Frequently asked questions

What does a Daycare Teacher do?

A Daycare Teacher watches children whose parents work full-time or part-time. They plan creative activities for entertaining them, aiding their intellectual development. They also encourage positive interactions among other kids at the center, providing a safe place to grow.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Daycare Teacher?

A Daycare Teacher ensures children's basic needs, like nutritional and developmental education, are met. They often care for children from early morning to mid-afternoon, feeding, supervising and changing them throughout the day.

What makes a good Daycare Teacher?

Being a good Daycare Teacher means having the ability to communicate with children. It's essential to listen closely and be adaptable enough so you can meet a child's needs in any situation. Other qualities a good Daycare Teacher possesses are being flexible, organized, patient, innovative and confident.

Who does a Daycare Teacher work with?

A Daycare Teacher often works alone, sometimes collaborating with a Teacher Assistant in situations requiring a certain amount of care.

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