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Improve your screening process with AI

Traditional keyword matching systems can miss out on top talent simply due to differences in phrasing. That's why Workable just released the Screening Assistant.

Keenan Cronyn
Keenan Cronyn

Keenan, a product marketer at Workable, shares our latest HR tech releases designed to make your life easier.

Workable AI resume screening assistant

Finding the right candidate is easy with Workable’s new Screening Assistant.

For every person that applies for your job, it scans their resume, and uses advanced AI and semantic matching to provide you with a summary of how their skills and experience match up to your job requirements. 

Here’s what it looks like:

What does it do?

  • Semantic Matching: It goes beyond simple keyword matching to understand the meaning behind different phrases, ensuring you don’t miss out on great candidates who word things differently.
  • Quick Summaries: It provides clear overviews of candidates’ skills and experiences, helping you quickly identify the most relevant applicants.
  • Efficiency: It acts as a first pass to help you filter out candidates without the basic required skill set.

How is Workable’s approach different?

Most of our competitor’s screening tools rely on simple keyword matching, looking for exact words and phrases in resumes to match job requirements.

Leveraging advanced AI, Workable’s Screening Assistant understands and identifies equivalent terms and phrases. For instance, if you’re searching for a “front-end developer” and a candidate mentions they “build user interfaces with extensive experience in JavaScript and HTML”, the Screening Assistant will accurately recognize this. 

And that means you never miss out on great candidates.

In summary

Workable’s Screening Assistant supports your decision-making process, offering a fast, reliable reference before you delve deeper into candidate profiles, while still leaving you fully in control.

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