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Time Off Management: Making it easy for employees & managers

A huge update to our Onboard & Manage features.

Ryan Varney
Ryan Varney

Ryan is the Head of Product Marketing at Workable. He manages product launches,and creates sales and marketing materials.

We’re excited to introduce an exciting update to Workable’s Onboard & Manage features – Time Off Management! We’ve designed this tool to simplify the time off process for both employees and managers.

Here’s what to expect:

🌴 Simple employee time off requests: A straightforward system for employees to request time off, even on the mobile app. No more back-and-forth emails, spreadsheets, or paper forms.

✅ Manager approvals: Managers can quickly review and approve or decline time off requests.

📅 Know who’s out: The integrated “Time-off calendar” makes it so everyone can easily see who’s out when.

🔢 Automated tracking: All types of time off, from vacations to sick days, are automatically calculated, tracked, and easily viewable. Less manual work and fewer errors.

⚙️ Custom time off policies: Build and apply time off policies for different locations or departments of your business.

If you’re a Workable Admin, Time off is now available in your Employee management settings.

For more information, visit the Time Off Management page on our website.

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