Rohma Abbas

Rohma is the former Content Marketing Manager at Workable. She planned, managed and edited Workable’s editorial content.

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Why should employers care about the gender pay gap?

Businesses do not profit from the gender pay gap. It hurts them. But, the way the gender pay gap is framed by activists hurts the equal pay cause. That’s because...

Recruiting, Tutorials

How to recruit on Reddit

There’s a popular saying in the recruiting world: You’ve got to go where your candidates are. For recruiters, that means going beyond mainstream job boards to source in nontraditional channels....

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Why even ‘casual’ companies should have dress codes

The days of the formal company dress code are numbered. Even traditional suit industries like banking are loosening their standards. But lax or non-existent dress codes promote the false ideal...

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How to improve your employer brand

Employer branding is important. Companies with strong brands (a good reputation among employees) attract high-quality candidates more easily, can hire more selectively and have a lower cost-per-hire than companies with...

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The problem with employee wellness programs

Employee wellness programs are morally questionable and misguided. Companies usually turn to them to reduce health costs, but they’re often ineffective, poorly crafted and discriminatory. Instead, companies should focus on...