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Roberta Matuson

Roberta Matuson

Roberta Matuson, The Talent Maximizer® and President of Matuson Consulting, helps world-class organizations like General Motors, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Microsoft hire and retain world-class talent. Roberta is the author of six books on talent and leadership, including the newly released, Can We Talk? Seven Principles for Managing Difficult Conversations at Work, and Evergreen Talent. Sign up to receive her free newsletter, The Talent Maximizer®. Follow her on Twitter.

The real reasons your employees don’t want to work for you

Discover the real reasons why top talent avoids working for you and learn how to create a work environment that attracts and ret...

The big disconnect: 4 ways HR can best partner with hiring managers

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The great breakup: Why are female leaders leaving in droves?

As a former executive, I completely understand why women are telling their employers, “It’s not you. It’s me,” as they exit out ...

returnship program

Why a returnship program can soothe your hiring blues

Attracting quality candidates and hiring great employees is challenging right now. Introducing a returnship program in your comp...

Recruiter burnout

Recruiter burnout: Why it’s happening and what you can do

Talent attraction and retention consultant Roberta Matuson shares her expert insights on the extra burden of workload facing you...

awkward conversations in the recruitment process

How to manage awkward conversations when hiring

Wouldn’t it be great if awkward conversations were reserved for performance review time only? Unfortunately, that’s not the case...

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